If A Man Is Meant For You, He Can't Be Lost

If A Man Is Meant For You, He Can’t Be Lost

What does faith mean to you? For most people who believe in it, faith is a strong conviction that something is going to happen for sure, and in a way you expect.

Allow me to ask another question: do you believe that there is a special someone out there for you? We can even call that person your soul mate.

Ultimately, You Will Meet The Person Who Belongs To You

Everyone else is just a stepping stone towards the partner you deserve in this life.


So learn to see those failed relationships as part of the process of getting to meet your ultimate partner. These people teach you valuable lessons, and these will come in handy when you finally find your forever partner.

Don't get me wrong. This is not to say that everything you get in your life is predestined to happen and that there's not a damn thing you can do to change it.

You Still Have A Free Will And Personal Choice In Love Matters

But I strongly believe that everything happens for a reason and that everyone you meet in this life has a special purpose of serving.


There is a bigger picture, and we are all part of it.

Know The Difference Between Wanting And Needing Someone

How many times have we gone after things that is bad for us? Many times, right?

Sometimes we don't even have an idea that it's happening until we are too deeply involved.

That is why I have learned to trust God with his perfect timing. Sure, we don't always have a way of knowing when God intends to do something for us.


But in the end, His good plans for us will prevail if we are patient in waiting for His appointed season and purpose.

We Are Supposed To Lose Some People

And you want to know why this is? It's because that is the only way we can meet the people we really deserve.

Even in matters of love, there is a man who is specifically meant for you and no one else.


When this man comes into your life, you will finally understand why it never worked out with all the other guys you met in your life.

God has prepared this man specifically for you, and you will get a chance to spend all your life with him and find happiness and satisfaction in life.

You will love him more than you have ever loved anyone, and he will love you in ways you never thought possible.


I know that it can be a little scary thinking of this man, but it is also quite comforting, right?

Finally, You Will Meet Your Soul Mate

That also means that you should let your memories of previous failed relationships pass. Those guys were not your soul mates.

So, let go of the memories and focus on the future God has prepared for you. Have no regrets about past relationships.


Those people left your life because there was no space in it for them. You lost them because they served no purpose in your life.

You can never lose a man who is truly yours.

And yes, I understand that saying this does not magically heal the wounds these people left in your heart. But look to the bright future that awaits you.

Your faith in finding the right person saved you from the mistake of sticking to the wrong guy longer than necessary, even if the consequences were painful for you.


Believe it or not, you dodged a bullet. You could have messed up your life big time if you had taken things all the way with the wrong guy.

Having faith in finding the perfect guy for you is a blessing, not a curse. And you will realize this the moment you meet him.

The right man will stick around, he will understand you, he will love you unconditionally, and he will help you heal your broken heart. He will be yours forever and you will never lose him because he was meant for you and no one else.