If A Guy Wants To Seduce Me, He Should Forget About Sex And Focus On These 10 Things Instead

Connecting with the right person can make sex an amazing experience. However, physical intimacy should not be the sole focus of a relationship. If someone desires to seduce me, they should focus on paying attention to these aspects rather than removing their pants:

1. Supporting Me

Having someone who is there for me through both the good and bad days is essential in my life. Whether it's motivating me to hit the gym or offering kind words after a tough day at work, having someone who prioritizes being supportive is invaluable.

2. Proving He Can Be Trusted

I don't readily give out my trust like it's candy from a Pez dispenser. For me to consider a guy as a trustworthy partner, he must demonstrate his trustworthiness. Without that assurance, seduction is out of the question.

3. Communicating like a grown man

I'm not referring to someone talking dirty to me in the bedroom, but rather, simply conversing about our daily lives. Open and honest communication has the power to transform an average relationship into an incredible one. Having the knowledge that I can openly discuss any topic with my partner strengthens our bond.

4. Connecting Mentally

For someone to seduce me, they must first captivate my mind. Without mental stimulation, I tend to lose interest in a relationship. To deepen our connection, a guy should explore my psyche, uncover what motivates and interests me, and awaken dormant parts of myself that have been hidden away for some time. These are just a few of the ways to truly engage me.

5. Cuddling

Let's pause the focus on sex and indulge in some intense cuddling. We can snuggle up while watching a movie or lounge in bed in each other's arms. Sometimes, cuddling is even better than sex as it provides relaxation, stress relief, and a unique level of connection. Cuddling is more intimate and though it may seem juvenile, it's something I crave from my partner.

6. Respecting Me at All Times

I've left behind my past experiences with toxic partners. To enhance my relationships, a guy who demonstrates respect towards me, my values, ideas, and boundaries is a winner in my eyes. It goes without saying that respect must be mutual for the relationship to thrive.

7. Being Upfront

I don't tolerate games, so a guy must drop the BS if he desires to seduce me. Being with someone who communicates honestly and consistently is invaluable. Not only are these traits desirable in a partner, but they also provide me with a sense of safety and security.

8. Spontaneity

I can't be with someone who's always rigid and stiff. I desire a partner who's creative and spontaneous in life. This adds a sense of intrigue and unpredictability to the relationship, which I crave. Embarking on an unplanned weekend getaway fuels my sense of adventure and brings us closer, ultimately strengthening our bond.

9. Just Kiss Me, OK?

Before our clothes come off, a good make-out session is unbeatable. Kissing is innocent yet connects me to my partner in a powerful way. As we make out, I can't help but think about what it'd be like to take things further. Until we're both ready for sex, kissing adds a playful element of seduction and passion to the relationship.

10. Take an Interest

I don't expect a guy to take interest in everything I do, but it'd be great if he tried to embrace some of my hobbies. Sharing my passions with my partner and seeing him ask questions and participate earns him extra points in my book. It shows that he cares and is willing to set aside his own interests for a moment to enjoy something I love. I don't need him to follow me everywhere, but if he joins me on the tennis court for a game, it can make my day. It's the little things like this that truly matter.