If A Guy Is Worth Your Time & Energy, He'll Do These Things

Although it may be tempting to think that all guys are a waste of time, dismissing them entirely because of a few bad experiences means you could miss out on the great ones. They do exist, and it's worth the effort to find them. When you do come across a great guy, you'll know it immediately because he won't hesitate to show that he's worth your time and energy by doing the following things:

1. He Treats You Like You're Worth His

The finest men understand that you are worthy of the world, and they are eager to provide it for you. They will never treat you as if you're replaceable or unremarkable. Your ideal partner recognizes that he struck gold when you entered his life, and he will go to great lengths to protect your relationship. He will give his all to make it work.

2. He Looks At You Like You're The Most Amazing Person He's Ever Seen

If you've experienced a boyfriend who looked at you with such a gaze, you understand precisely how wonderful it feels. It's indescribable! When you're with someone who doesn't, you can't help but notice and feel that something is lacking. That something is his authentic love, commitment, and fondness for you as an individual, which are all conveyed through that unique gaze.

3. He Treats Others With Kindness

If you're with a kind man, you've struck gold. He truly deserves all the effort you invest in the relationship because he's eager and content to reciprocate it many times over. He understands that everyone deserves respect and thoughtfulness, and that's a crucial characteristic in a partner.

4. He Respects ALL Women

Certainly, he should honor you as his companion, but it goes beyond that. He's a genuine advocate for gender equality. He cannot fathom why women wouldn't be treated the same way as men because he truly believes in the equality of all individuals. He never belittles or condescends to you or any other woman. It wouldn't even occur to him.

5. He Listens To You And Remembers What You Say

The skill of active listening appears to be fading rapidly. Individuals are so preoccupied with their own thoughts and worries that they barely listen to what others are saying anymore. The man who gives you his undivided attention while you speak - and even better, who recalls what you said later - is the man worth holding on to. He's dedicated to you and your relationship.

6. He Openly Offers You His Affection And Admiration

The man who deserves your time isn't timid or ashamed of his emotions. He desires the whole world to understand how proud and thankful he is to have you in his life. He understands that when you meet an amazing woman, you should never withhold your genuine attention and consideration. He's comfortable with public displays of affection and never hesitates to compliment you in front of others.

7. He Makes It Clear To The World That He's Yours

You don't have to fret about other women, even if they attempt to flirt with him. He shuts it down immediately. He's just not attracted to anyone else because he feels incredibly fortunate to be with you. This is the man who will guard your heart for all time. You can trust that the effort you invest in this man is worthwhile every moment.

8. He Goes The Extra Mile

He's not just good to you, he's the finest partner you've ever had. He makes you realize why no one else ever clicked with you until him. You merit someone who always puts in the effort, no matter how long you've been together, and he's that person. Hold on to him tightly.

9. He Takes Care Of You In Every Way

This doesn't necessarily imply financial support. It pertains to all the crucial aspects: physical, mental, and emotional. He invests the time to satisfy you sexually, recognizing that your pleasure is the greatest reward he can receive. He stimulates your mind, and the two of you are intellectual peers. He's present for you in good and bad times, thick and thin. He's your genuine life companion.

10. He Supports You No Matter What

He's your steadfast support. You're aware that you can seek his guidance for any matter you need. He's truthful with you, even when it would be simpler to deceive, but he never belittles you. He genuinely thinks that you can achieve anything you set your mind to, and his affection adds to your self-assurance. You're more than willing to offer him the same in return. Together, the two of you will overcome the world.

11. He Encourages You To Achieve Your Goals And Dreams

The appropriate man will never hinder or obstruct your progress. He only desires the best for you, and he's beside you, aiding you in accomplishing it. With your self-confidence and vigor combined with his trust in you, you're unbeatable. You reciprocate the same support for him as you have as much confidence in his skills as he has in yours.

12. He Never, Ever Takes You For Granted

Ultimately, the man who deserves your everlasting love and loyalty will always cherish you as the most exceptional part of his life. He doesn't become idle or even think of letting you leave his life. On the contrary, he devotes every day to making sure that never happens. He recognizes that the unique bond you share only occurs once in a lifetime.