If A Guy Is Into You, You'll Know It — Period

Understanding guys is not that difficult. When it comes to their interest in you, it's usually evident right from the start and not some enigma you have to decode. Simply put, if they are attracted to you, it will be apparent - all you need to do is observe carefully.

1. He'll Act Like It

Even if a guy is shy, when he is interested in you, he will display subtle signals. He may send you a text without any specific reason or attempt to be a small part of your life, such as liking all of your social media posts.

2. He'll Straight Up Tell You

Men tend to pursue what they desire. If they have their eyes on you, they will make it clear by asking you out for a drink or confessing their interest in you, thus leaving the decision to you.

3. He Won't Play Games

If a guy is playing games, he is probably not genuinely interested in you. It may be a harsh reality, but his game-playing behavior suggests that he is unsure of his feelings toward you and whether you are worth his time and effort. Therefore, it's best not to bother pursuing him.

4. You Can Feel It

You possess intuition, but often, you do not use it as much as you should. This is particularly true when your intuition is conveying something that you would prefer not to hear. However, if a guy is interested in you, you will instinctively sense it - your gut feeling will inform you.

5. He'll Put In Effort

Regardless of how little you've known a guy and how infrequently you've interacted, he will make an effort to get closer to you. Even if it's merely conversing with you across a table of acquaintances or offering to refill your drink, if he is interested in you, he will invest at least some effort to engage with you more.

6. He'll Get In Touch With You

If a guy desires to communicate with you, he will reach out to you through a text, call, Facebook message, or some other means. If he isn't making contact, it's not because he has misplaced your number or is too preoccupied to spare a few extra seconds in his day; it's because he lacks the desire to communicate with you. You have likely heard the adage, "Where there's a will, there's a way."

7. He Won't Send Mixed Signals

If a guy is displaying hot and cold behavior towards you, it's an indication that he is not as interested in you as he claims to be. When a guy is genuinely attracted to you, he will put forth his best effort to advance your relationship to the next level, and you won't have to go through the trouble of deciphering his intentions.

8. He Won't Risk Losing You

A guy will strive to maintain your level of interest in him equal to his interest in you. If he is becoming less accessible or withdrawing from you, it implies that he is attempting to decrease your attraction towards him to avoid things from progressing further.

9. He Won't Lead You On

If a guy desires to have a relationship with you, but his intentions aren't entirely serious, he will be forthcoming about his intentions. He will do so because he's interested in you, and he wants to continue being with you, provided you're okay with it, but under his own terms.