If A Guy Has To Choose Between You And Another Girl, Walk Away

Once you've met someone, it's unrealistic to expect to become exclusive right away. However, there comes a point where you should know whether you want to date each other exclusively. If you've reached that point but your partner is still uncertain about giving up other romantic interests, it may be time to end the relationship.

1. There's nothing but constant drama

Love triangles can be complex, vexing, and devoid of romance. Women who are empowered are advocating for mutual support and putting an end to the pattern of undermining one another. It's crucial to avoid getting into a childish brawl with another girl over a guy that you both have feelings for. Engaging in a battle over a boy typically leads to no winner.

2. Dates turn into competitions

Before a date, people usually worry about their attire and makeup. However, it's essential to avoid fixating on whether your date had a good time with someone else, how much they laughed, or how the date ended. A date shouldn't feel like a strange interview where the goal is to impress and secure a job offer.

3. He's feeding you the exact same lines

If he has professed his love for you, there's a high likelihood that he's made the same declaration to the other woman. It's puzzling that he would express his love but still refuse to commit. The affectionate words he utters to you on specific days are probably being repeated to her on other days.

4. He's definitely not "The One"

If you're seeking a genuine and committed relationship and aren't comfortable with casual dating, it's best to move on if the person you're with isn't on the same page. Someone who envisions a future with you and wants a long-term relationship won't lead you on or have to balance their emotions. If you're willing to prioritize your partner, it's crucial to ensure that you're a priority for them too.

5. Why should you be downgraded?

There's no need to compete for someone's affection. Instead, choose to be with someone who acknowledges how remarkable you are and desires to be exclusive with you.

6. He'll be thinking of her

Even if he's not purposely leading you on and is genuinely unsure about his feelings, the other person will likely cross his mind when he's with you. Don't waste your time waiting for a guy who's fixated on someone else.

7. He's keeping his options open

By postponing a decision, he's enjoying the perks of having two girlfriends without any commitment. He feels like he has various options, and if things don't work out with you, he can always return to someone else. You deserve to be a person's priority, not their backup plan.

8. If you're committing to him, he should be committed to you

If he's not willing to commit to you, then you shouldn't feel obliged to do the same. It's unfair to ask for a commitment from you while keeping the relationship casual on his side. It's akin to saying, "I don't want to be with you, but I don't want anyone else to have you either."

9. He needs to define your relationship

If he's only seeking a casual relationship, then at least you'll have clarity and can determine if you want to continue investing your time. However, if he claims that the connection between you is meaningful, he needs to provide a definite answer on whom he wants to pursue that relationship with since he can't have it both ways.

10. He could still go back to her

Even if he chooses you, she may still remain an option for him. She was once your rival and well-informed about his personal life. If things become unstable and his heart starts to shift, he can easily contact her with just one text. He realizes that if things don't work out with you, he can always try to make her his backup plan.

11. There's someone out there who actually wants to date you

There is someone out there who recognizes that your personality is unique and unmatched by any other woman, and with whom there is no competition. You should devote your love, time, and affection to someone who reciprocates and gives you all of theirs in return.