Ideas For A First Date With A Cougar

Ideas For A First Date With A Cougar

You put on your best moves. Your raunchy texts and engaging chats finally made some sparks fly between you and that hot cougar you were eyeing.

Heck, you were even bold enough to ask her out. And to your surprise, she said yes.

First of all, congrats. We are happy for you.

But I guess your little celebration dance is already over and done with. You and I know what comes next is an even greater challenge.

Here's The Dilemma: Where Should You Take Her Out On A First Date?

If you have been losing sleep over this, we have you covered. Here are some ironclad first date ideas with a cougar.

1. Picnic

Ah, yes. Picnics are a classic. Being out in nature is always refreshing and a fantastic way to enjoy yourselves. Just be sure to prepare yourself with a blanket and a basket full of supplies. Don't go for cheap utensils either.

2. Coffee

There is no sophistication to it, but believe me, it will work. Going out for coffee does not pressure any of you. The whole setting is innocent and cordial, and it's a good chance to enjoy each other's physical company with no safety concerns.

3. Antiquing

Not to sound like a cliché, but older ladies tend to like antiquing. This is practical and fun, and it will help you stand out among younger guys who would not give the idea a second thought. But even if you don't enjoy antiquing as much as she does, try to enjoy yourself as much as she is, or she will think she is boring.

4. Fair

This idea might sound ridiculous to many, but it can have lots of memorable thrills for the two of you. Fairs are fun, and they come with things like park rides that can really turn up the level of fun you can have with your date.

5. Drinks and Dinner

Why drinks and then dinner afterward? It's simple. You will loosen up while having the drinks. That way, when you settle down to have dinner, you can turn up the heat and enjoy the date with no tension between the two of you. Make sure you choose someplace fancy, and since you invited her for the date, settle the bill.

6. Museum

Museums have plenty of great things to look at. They are also quite public, and therefore neutral and safe. Walking around as you enjoy the exhibits also gives you a perfect opportunity to discover your interests so you can have more things to talk about.

7. Concert or Theater

This is sure to impress your date, especially if you take her to a performance she previously expressed an interest in during your conversations. If you are concerned that you might not have much to talk about during a traditional date at a restaurant, these kinds of performances allow you to enjoy each other's company without too much talking.

See! Going on a first date with a cougar is not as hard as you think it is. There are plenty of places you can visit and enjoy this momentous relationship milestone. But in the end, make sure you settle for a destination both of you will enjoy.