I'd Rather Come Across Bitchy Than Fake

I’d Rather Come Across Bitchy Than Fake

How many times are women going to be called bitches because they would rather please themselves than others? Is it not better to say it like it is rather than keep it in trying to 'keep the peace?' I'd rather blow up in the face of someone's negativity than take it home with me.

There are so many better things to do. If I thought it would benefit me, I might smile and bite my tongue. The thing is, the ignorance that comes my way in the day-to-day does the opposite. If I let you be rude, I'm going to bitch about it later- so why not send it back to the source? I'll smile after.


I always have a reason. When I'm not pissed off, I'm fantastic. I'm only a bitch when someone isn't treating me with the respect I deserve. Instead of thinking what you want about me, why don't you let me tell you who I am? It's probably nothing close to what you've heard.


It's just what I feel. Not all women are okay with keeping things inside. Me? I don't want to walk off with the negativity you send my way. Others might roll their eyes when they turn the other way; I'll do it in your face. I have an opinion on everything, and I'm not afraid to share it. You probably already read it on my face.

I don't have a smile for every situation. At times I may wish that I could let it go. I see other girls shake it off and they don't look like they're dying inside. But, I'm not Elsa; I have my kingdom to build. If I tried to be nice, I'd probably come across colder than ice. So, a few seconds of heat? Or should I turn the whole room into The Arctic?


If you're waiting for me to apologize for being myself, you might want to sit down. As I said, I have better things to do than let you think I'm someone I'm not. I'll tell you exactly what's on my mind. Too many people waste their time trying to find a "better" way of saying what they feel. The best thing for me to do is tell it like it is. I rarely try to hurt anyone; it's just so much easier to be honest instead of sugarcoating things that might still end up bitter.


Who would I be helping? I'm better off the way I am than pretending things are otherwise to please you. Often, I wasn't a bitch when they said I was. It happens to other women all the time. I might be labeled a bitch because someone didn't agree with me. I'm not a bitch because I think differently; I'm mature for saying what I feel and acknowledging we're all human with different opinions. I might be labeled a bitch because I put someone in their place. Is nice letting someone off the hook that treated me poorly? If they did it to me, they'd do it to someone else.

I'm super niceā€”If you can't see it, you don't deserve it. There's a ball of sunshine rolling around somewhere in here, but she doesn't come out to brighten up your darkness. Those who take the time to respect and get to know me feel my warmth. There's a reason you haven't.

I'm better off the way I am. My bitchiness is a part of me, just as the things that make me smile and the reasons I feel the need to be a bitch. I care way more about who I know I am and what makes me okay with me. I don't care that people call me a bitch because, most likely, that's who they deserved to see.