I'd Rather Be Single Than Settle For Less Than I Deserve

I’d Rather Be Single Than Settle For Less Than I Deserve

I've been through hell in so many relationships in my life. People have sworn that they love me, and ended up doing just the opposite. Tired of all the heartache and pain, I have decided that I will be single, instead of settling for less than I deserve.

Being single for some can be terrifying; but I think of it this way, I'd rather be by myself in peace than in a relationship and being in constant pain. Sometimes in life, it takes a while before we meet the one that is right for us. Sometimes it can take years, other times the right person pops up in life and we end up happy. It all depends on if we know what we deserve, and what we're willing to settle for.

Some people are scared to be alone. They'd accept whatever type of love given than wait for someone to treat them the way they want because they don't want to be alone. Other people tend to settle for less because they don't know their worth. Sometimes it takes being single to find yourself; the real you without the stress of how you should act in a relationship weighing on your shoulders.

I feel that every person should spend some time in their lives being single. After all, how can you know what you want in life if you have never even found yourself?

When you are single, you are in full control of your life, and no one else can tell you what you're worth. You get the time to discover yourself. When you're comfortable being with yourself you will know what kind of company you want to keep.

I think people should be more scared to end up in the wrong relationship and unhappy for the rest of their lives than to spend time single until the right person comes along. I refuse to settle for someone who does not deserve me. Someone who will not return the incredible love that I have to give.

I refuse to let another relationship or person destroy me. I refuse to ever lose myself in the image of what someone else expects of me. I do not want to invest my love or time into someone when I know it will not work out. I want the person I end up with to be my best friend, someone who understands me and respects all that I am. Someone who I am 100% comfortable with, and I do not feel I need to hide any part of who I am. I will not settle for someone who will not listen to and help me with my struggles, as I would for them. I won't settle for anything less than someone who wants to strive for happiness with me.

I refuse to let myself stress over figuring out dates, calling a man, having a man check up on me, and figuring out where a relationship stands; Especially if the relationship is only going to end in a short time anyway. If I don't feel the connection that it will last, I want no part in it!

It is okay to be alone for a while! Finding yourself is okay too! Being selfish with you is perfectly fine! Don't be afraid to live your life and find a love that is right for you!