I Wore Sweatpants To Class, And You Won't Believe What Happened

i wore sweatpants to class and you won’t believe what happened

If you grew up in the fashion revolution of the 90s, you should know how quickly trends change around us. Every time you meet up with your friends, you would find them wearing new super cute clothes.

You would never feel comfortable going out with a pair of jeans and a t-shirt back then. It was still a good look, but it always seemed to fall short.

That is how I always felt, and my style has remained largely unchanged.

Even in college, you would never catch a girl wearing sweatpants to class. Instead, you would spot them with the "perfect look."

It does not matter the time, they would always try to look their best using the latest fashion trends.

Granted, there has been a powerful debate about suitable college attire of late. However, generally speaking, most people have the sense to wear something that can be worn in public, and I think sweatpants fall into this category.

Unfortunately, many people like to "dress up" and think everyone else should. They, therefore, tend to look with a bit of scorn upon those who flaunt their dressing rules.

For someone like me, who likes to take it easy every once in a while, this was getting on my nerves. I didn't see what was so wrong with getting into a pair of jeans and a t-shirt, or even a pair of sweatpants.

After all, we go to college to learn, and a dressing routine that requires hours of preparation does not make a lot of sense for a serious college student.

So, one day I decided to do something drastic and wear sweatpants to the library. They were obviously as baggy and as grey as you might imagine.

You have no idea how huge of a scandal that was.

I Can't Forget The Looks

i wore sweatpants to class and you won't believe what happened

The looks that wearing sweatpants got me were unbelievable, especially when I decided to walk to my final in them.

You can imagine how big of a scene I would have caused if I had chosen to wear my PJ's in public (I wouldn't do that, by the way).

I was not just doing it to make a point. It had been a hectic night and morning, and working on a killer look wasn't a priority for me at the time.

The final was incredibly stressful and the only thing on my mind was doing my final and heading right back to bed.

I don't understand why people kick up a fuss when you wear sweatpants in public, whether it be Walmart or the college library. Women probably have it worse than guys when it comes to getting judged for making this fashion choice.

You see guys all around the place wearing sweatpants, and they don't usually deal with the awkward looks like the women do.

For the ladies, it's not just the sweatpants that are a problem. Apparently, people also seem to have an issue with women wearing leggings, skinny jeans, mom jeans, long skirts, and many other clothing types.

We should have the freedom to dress as we like. Without judgment. Baggy sweatpants shouldn't be an exception.

Dressing comfortably shouldn't be a crime.

Obviously, nobody wants to be in sweatpants all the time. However, we should have the freedom to wear whatever we like without getting judged.

Some people like to dress up all the time, and that's okay. I have also realized that what some people call casual is something someone else would call fancy.

The most important thing to remember is that we can all look great regardless of what we are wearing.

The world would certainly benefit from the greater freedom of choice if people stopped judging each other based on dressing choices.

Fortunately, things seem to be improving, and anyone can wear sweatpants without getting awkward looks. Looking sporty is no longer seen as a fashion no-no.

Science Backs Me Up, Somehow

i wore sweatpants to class and you won't believe what happened

According to research, it is very important to dress comfortably in order to concentrate.

Research showed that students that wore sweatpants, t-shirts, and slip-on footwear performed better in math, science, and engineering subjects.

On the other hand, those dressed up in suits and other formal types of clothing did better in subjects requiring creative thinking such as philosophy and arts.

Some people swear that sweatpants would never pass as presentable. However, that largely depends on the kind of sweatpants you get.

If you get pants that are as fitting as your jeans or khakis, then you can actually pull off a stylish look in them. It's better if they have the classic stripes down the side – it gives them character.

The same goes for track pants. As long as they fit properly, they can actually look great, and you can wear them proudly in public.

Tips To Help You Wear Sweatpants Better

i wore sweatpants to class and you won't believe what happened

One of the best tricks to wearing sweatpants better is to choose the right color. While grey is quite common, going with a basic black of blue color will give you a classier look and allow you to match them with most shoes and shirts.

These colors also don't draw too much attention because you are wearing sweatpants, which should be a relief if you are worried about getting gawked for your fashion choice.

So, avoid grey sweatpants if you can. They look lazy and sloppy, and they get stains very easily.

When it's all said and done, there are things you should never do in sweatpants. For instance, when going out to dine out, wearing regular clothes is the better option.

However, if all you want is to have coffee at Starbucks or McDonald's, you can put on your favorite pair. They are also good for movie theaters, where they might even be recommended since you will need to be comfortable while sitting in the dark enjoying your movie.

Finally, don't forget what sweatpants are for. They were given this name for a reason.

Therefore, they are ideal for workouts such as running, jumping, walking, playing football, etc. That does not mean you should wear them while attending sporting events: they are not very flattering for an audience member.

It's also advisable not to wear sweatpants when going on a flight. You might not stand out in the best way, and though comfortable, if it gets a little chilly up there, they could be quite uncomfortable.

In short, sweatpants are amazing. Although I say this as a fan, I would also like to remind you that they have their limits.