I Won't Wait For You — If You Don't Want Me Now, You'll Never Have Me

I believe that I'm a wonderful catch, and I expect my potential partner to recognize and appreciate my worth right from the start. I'm not willing to wait around for someone to make up their mind about me. If we don't click or if you're not willing to make me a part of your life, I will move on to someone who will.

1. I Won't Settle For Something In-Between

Trying to force things to happen is a waste of time and energy. I can't afford to entertain the idea that you may like me but are too shy to make a move or are taking your time. I need honesty and clarity about your intentions right now, so I can find someone who meets my standards instead of settling for less.

2. My Time Is Too Precious For "Maybe"

I refuse to wait around for someone to make a move on me. The future is uncertain, and I won't waste my precious time hoping for things to change. I value my present life too much to sacrifice it for a hypothetical happiness that may never come to fruition.

3. I'm Not Desperate

I won't stick around waiting for someone who doesn't value my time and worth. I can't help but question whether you're really that special if you're not putting in the effort to pursue me. A guy who is truly worth my time would not hesitate to make his intentions known and commit to building a relationship with me.

4. Your Actions Are Loud And Clear

Deleting you on Facebook and moving on might seem drastic, but your actions have shown me that you're not serious about me. Your lack of eagerness and slow pace in pursuing me are indications that it's time for me to let go and find someone who will reciprocate my feelings.

5. Love Is Certain

Love is a strong emotion that doesn't leave room for doubt. If you truly love someone, you don't second-guess your feelings or wonder if you should continue seeing them. As Maya Angelou famously stated, love may take many forms, but it is always unequivocal and certain.

6. I Want Someone Who Knows What He Wants

It's possible that you are unsure about your feelings towards me or uncertain about the potential for a real connection between us, but that's not a reason for me to sit and wait for you to make up your mind. I am looking for someone who is clear about their desires, and I am not interested in inviting confusion or uncertainty into my life.

7. If It's A "No" From You, I'd Rather Be Free

If you are not showing me that you are serious about building a genuine connection with me, then I am not going to put other opportunities on hold. I am not going to miss out on the chance to meet other great guys just because of my feelings for you. If you are not willing to commit to me, then you do not deserve a place by my side.

8. I Won't Be Put On The Back-burner

I want to feel like I am a priority in your life, not just an option. I am not willing to settle for being one of the many women that you are talking to without any real intention of committing to. I am only interested in being your number one priority, and if I cannot be that, then I am not interested in being with you at all.

9. If You Come For Me Later, I'll Never Take You

If you claim that the timing is wrong or that you are not ready for a real connection, that is fine. However, if you come back to me later claiming that you have changed your mind, it will be too late. I will never feel like I was your first choice, and that will not be a good foundation for a relationship.

10. You Don't Know My Worth

When you find someone who truly amazes you, you do not waste time playing games. If you had recognized my value, you would not have expected me to wait around. Fortunately, I know my worth, and I am not afraid to walk away.

11. You Might Be Playing Games

Whether you are playing hard to get or just want to keep many women on the side, it doesn't matter to me. I am not interested in playing dating games that only lead to confusion and pain. If you insist on playing games, you are only going to be the one who loses out in the end.

12. I Only Come Around Once In Your Life

If you're being evasive, and I'm interested in you, I won't hesitate to cut you out of my life permanently. My past experiences have taught me that people don't often change, and if they don't value something when they have it, then they don't deserve a second chance. I know my worth as a high-quality woman, like a diamond, which is rare and precious. I can't be easily replaced like a common rhinestone. It's your loss, dear.