I Will Only Settle For A Mature Kind Of Love Or I Won't Settle At All

I Will Only Settle For A Mature Kind Of Love Or I Won’t Settle At All

True love is not all about playing games, neither is it featured by questions. There is no better love than the one that you can just look at and say, "This is really my true love." The following are some of the aspects that will determine if I will settle in a relationship or stay single.

Love is mature if it's safe and trans-formative

I need to feel safe in my love, a love that will shape me into becoming a better person. As a human being, I understand that people are not always perfect, and they can sometimes be unloving. I can't question that, as it's their nature. However, being in love with someone who doesn't give up on me is my everyday wish. I can't wait to have that love that will always remain by my side in times of celebrations and pains. That's what true love is all about.


Mature love is not about playing games

Life is short, and playing games with emotionally immature people is the last thing that I want to do. I am really tired of that, and I better fail to settle in love rather than settling in an immature love. Imagine having someone who runs away from responsibilities; runs away when you need him most, or when things get too hot. I am not ready for cat and mouse games.


I need a sweet and forgiving love

I want a love that neither judges nor competes. I want a sweet and forgiving love. That's what mature love is.

Patience and sincerity are key elements of mature love

Mature love is featured by patience and honesty. These are the virtues that make love healthy rather than painful. Imagine being in love with someone who gives you the freedom to say what you think without fear! Such freedom will keep you from watching as things get messed up. Having an open-minded partner with whom you can communicate is a golden treasure. If things go the wrong way, you sit together and reason on how to make things the way you need.


A mature love needs freedom and independence

Freedom is all I want in a love. Being free with my love is what will make us independent; doing things independently without actually depending on each other. Independence is what shapes our "real us" rather than faking an identity.

I want to have an innovative love

I need a love that will come up with new significant ideas, better than mine. You see, coming up with opposing ideas doesn't mean that we don't match! In fact, the final decisions are always the best, and they will always have a positive impact on our lives as partners.


We don't have to fight due to our disagreements

Love is said to be mature if one observes how the other person argues and makes some adjustments to fit various situations. For instance, I have to shut up when I am angry rather than quarrel with my boyfriend. I understand that this is a process that is difficult to learn, but at the end of it all, we know how each other handles disagreement. This is just part of a mature relationship, and it makes it easier for us to communicate more maturely.


Love by deed is much better than verbal expression

I sometimes get irritated whenever my boyfriend tells me that he loves me when on my side, I show it by deeds. I just want a love that is expressed by deeds rather than literal words.

Everyone wishes to have this kind of love. However, the only thing we can do is to be mature first. Fight for it and embrace our partners the way they are. These are some of the things that will make us taste how mature love is and how it is supposed to be.