I Will Always Choose To Stay Single Than Settle For Your Bullshit

I Will Always Choose To Stay Single Than Settle For Your Bullshit

Some people think that being single is terrifying. But if you have endured heartbreaks, cheating, lies, humiliation, and the devastation of being taken for granted, singlehood can actually be a welcoming proposition.

As a matter of fact, after such experiences, being single might seem like the most beautiful experience ever. And when you come to think of it, when you are single, your life will be full of opportunities and excitement.

I think that we should all try being single for a while. You can use this time to love yourself and understand your worth. That way, when someone who is simply full of it comes your way, you will not let them into your lives and end up with a broken heart.

But the problem is that being single is terrifying for many people. But the question is why. Why would you choose a life of being with someone who makes you utterly miserable when you can be happy living life on your own terms?

As far as I am concerned, there is nothing more terrifying than putting your life in the hands of someone who is unworthy of the responsibility. Why give your heart to someone who will shatter it into pieces?

After all those toxic relationships, I cannot stand for that anymore.

Given a choice, I will always choose myself over someone who will just destroy my life and peace of mind. I don't want a second-rate relationship. I deserve to be treated right.

That's why I am comfortable being single.

Why drain my energy and resources with someone who has no idea what they want out of life? I am not going to offer myself up to someone who sees me as a plaything.

I don't believe in falling for the wrong person hoping that I will change them. I know better. You cannot get into a relationship and then start working on your standards once you have begun. In my experience, that never works.

You have to get the right person from the very beginning.

And in any case, I have no problem with being single. I love the energy and the freedom, and I am not going to give it up for the sake of someone who does not recognize my worth.

If I find the right person, I am willing to give my all. But I don't consider it a tragedy that I am single.

We all deserve to be happy, it does not matter if we are single or not. So, don't choose a bad relationship with someone full of crap over leading a happy single life.

Your energy and love are precious, and they should be spent on someone worthy of them. Who deserves them more than you do? Besides, when the right person comes along, they will give you as much love and peace of mind as you are willing to give them, and that is the only relationship worth getting into.