I Was Raised By A Single Dad And It Changed The Way I Love

The way I interact with men has been greatly influenced by my upbringing. As a young girl raised by a single father, my relationship with him played a significant role in shaping my behavior towards guys. I learned a lot from him, and this has had a lasting impact on my attitude towards men.

1. I'm Not Super Mushy When It Comes To Dating

While I appreciate romantic gestures, expensive gifts and grand displays of affection are not what matter most to me in a relationship. What really counts are the small things that show a guy's sincerity and honesty. When a man follows through on his promises and communicates honestly, I feel contented and happy.

2. I Understand That Men Can Be Sensitive Too, And I Love That

My father is a very sensitive man who is easily moved to tears by even the most trivial of gifts or cards. Growing up with him taught me that men, just like women, have emotions and feelings that they may not always express. This has made me more aware of the importance of empathy and understanding in my interactions with men.

3. I Always Try To See Things From A Guy's Point Of View

Being the only girl in a household of men has given me a unique perspective on male behavior. However, I still find men somewhat mysterious and difficult to comprehend. Despite this, I always try to make an effort to see things from their point of view, even if it seems irrational to me.

4. I Know That Love Takes Many Forms

Men are just as diverse as women when it comes to their individuality and their unique ways of expressing love. Finding the right match is crucial for a successful relationship. Love doesn't always follow the expected pattern, and sometimes, I have fallen in love with men I never thought I would. The fact that my way of loving a man may not conform to societal norms does not make it less valid.

5. I Know That Not All Men Are Awful — They Just Aren't Perfect

It's true that there are some terrible men out there, and I never condone mistreatment, misogyny, or abuse in any form. However, there are also many good men in the world who do not receive the appreciation they deserve from women. Despite occasionally making foolish mistakes, they have good intentions. I always try to be understanding when a decent man slips up.

6. It Taught Me That Even Wonderful Men Find Women Utterly Confusing

Men may find our complexity bewildering, even the kindest and most gentle among them. Nevertheless, this does not mean they don't care for us, provide support, or believe that we deserve the best. They may not grasp our subtle hints or direct comments, but that doesn't diminish their love and commitment.

7. I Know What I Deserve Because I Had A Wonderful Role Model

My upbringing taught me to be a self-sufficient woman who deserves the best in a partner. My father, in particular, demonstrated what a healthy relationship could look like and gave me the confidence that it's attainable, no matter how challenging it may be to find. Consequently, I never settle for anything less than a partner who treats me well.

8. I'm Loving But Not Needy

I grew up understanding that my completeness as a person does not depend on being in a relationship. While I am a loving and considerate partner, I also value my independence and personal space. I believe that true love is about two individuals who choose to spend time together, even if they are content being alone. Thanks to my father, I recognize that dependency is not a requirement for a loving relationship.

9. I Try Not To Over Analyze Relationships Because I Know That Guys Don't

I avoid driving myself insane over trivial issues as my partner may not even notice them. Many men think and behave logically, so I don't overanalyze their actions. Instead, I prefer to take a direct approach and address any concerns with my partner.

10. I Love Hard And Try To Keep My Priorities Straight

My father provided us with unconditional love and always prioritized his children. Being raised by a strong yet gentle male figure taught me to love wholeheartedly and not worry about insignificant matters. For me, a person's daily behavior towards me holds more value than their ability to spend money. Words may be beautiful, but they must be accompanied by actions to hold meaning.