I Want You To Be Happy — Even If It's Not With Me


You were my first and only love, so you hold a very important place in my heart. Although you broke my heart and I struggled for a few months afterward, I have moved on and don't think about you often. However, you do still cross my mind from time to time. I will always have love for you, but my priority is for you to find happiness, even if it cannot be with me.

1. You deserve to find your purpose

As an ambitious girl and a slightly lazy guy, we are not the first nor the last to be part of this classic love story. Nonetheless, I have always hoped that you would find your true calling and achieve happiness, even if we are no longer together. Life is too short to endure a string of miserable jobs and unfulfilled desires without taking action to turn them into reality.

2. You actually know how to be a boyfriend

This is quite significant, particularly in a culture where people tend to disappear and have high standards. You were affectionate, charming, considerate, and empathetic. You openly expressed your emotions and were sincere in your words. Hopefully, you remain the same, and a fortunate woman can enjoy the pleasure of having you as a loving partner.

3. You're not a bad person

Compared to other guys I've been with, I don't despise you as much. You didn't provoke my anger, but rather, you caused me sorrow. You didn't reach your full potential, but I hope that someday you will, as it's never too late.

4. You're a rare breed

You possess the admirable quality of respecting a girl's feelings and would never manipulate her emotions for personal gain. Your integrity is the reason why girls desire to be with someone like you, and I can only hope for your utmost happiness. It's only after losing you that I realized the depth of your character, a common realization that comes too late.

5. You're real nice, not fake nice

You're genuinely a kind person and don't exhibit any signs of the dreaded "Nice Guy Syndrome." Despite the pain of our break-up and occasional thoughts of reconciliation, I can't bring myself to wish ill on you.

6. You like the simple life

The fact that you're a country boy and I'm a city girl played a role in your decision to end things between us. But there's nothing wrong with your preference for a simpler lifestyle. I'm grateful that your choice had nothing to do with mistreating others. My hope for you is to find a career that aligns with your laid-back demeanor.

7. You taught me a lot

I don't mean to sound cliché, but you demonstrated that loving someone unconditionally is possible, and that it's normal for relationships to face difficulties. You also revealed to me that I possess more strength than I give myself credit for, and that a break-up won't shatter me. I'm indebted to you and will always desire the best for you, no matter the circumstances.