I Want To Stay In Every Night And Chill, So What?

I Want To Stay In Every Night And Chill, So What?

Dressing up in uncomfortable clothes and wasting money on nights partying that end up being hungover in the mornings is not my idea of fun. I prefer to stay in, chilling most of the time. And what I can't wrap my head around is why people keep calling me out on it. Believe me, I've heard it all, and here are some things people have told me when I turn down offers to go out for a night of 'fun.'

1. You Can't Stay Indoors Forever

This kinda pisses me off, because I am not hiding from anything. I am using my time the best way I know how. I know what I want in life, and what I prefer is to stay in and not go out. So I can honestly do that without any judgments on it.

2. You Are Boring Now. You Were Fun When You Used To Go Out

This is absolute crap. How do you know that going out was fun for me? Maybe I was just doing it to fit it. And more importantly, I don't live my life to make someone else's life more exciting. So, if me staying indoors makes you feel bored that is not my fault. I am doing what makes me happy by staying in, just as you are doing what makes you happy by going out.

3. You Should Let Down Your Hair Down More Often

This is a cheap shot implying that I'm uptight. But on the contrary, I know how to relax, and if that involves sitting down to watch a nice movie, then so be it! Letting my hair down does not mean wearing uncomfortable clothes to meet with strangers and swap pointless stories just for the heck of it.

4. Are You 50? You Are Only In Your 20s!

First of all, who said that all people in their fifties want to sit in their homes all the time? I've seen lots of people older than me who enjoy going out more than I do. I don't think age has anything to do with doing what makes you happy. So I don't get why I should be called out for staying in if that is what makes me happy.

5. You'll Sleep When You Are Dead

Yea, I Know. But I also like to get a good night's sleep when I am still alive to enjoy it. I love the feeling I get snuggling under a warm duvet and waking up bright and relaxed.

6. If You Get Bored At Home, You Can Do This And That

Who said I have endless time on my hands because I am at home? Furthermore, who says I need ideas on what I need to do to occupy myself? In fact, I make time to watch a movie and relax. I don't do it because I have nothing else to do. Just as you are making time to go out, I am making time to chill out and have a nice time indoors.

7. You Are Aging Yourself Before Your Time

I regret saying 'I'm too old for this.' I now believe that saying I am not interested is the way to go because, at the end of the day, that is the naked truth. The things I choose to do are based on what my priorities are, not just my age. If I feel like staying in on Friday night instead of going out, then I should not have to justify that to anyone. The fact that I want to stay in should be reason enough to be left alone to enjoy my time indoors.

8. You Need To Get Out More

Fine, lay it on me! Why should I get out more? If there is a genuine reason for me to get out more, then I will. I enjoy my company, and when I go out, it is usually to enjoy a meal with friends or to visit them at their homes. If you have a problem with that, then I have nothing else to say to you.

9. Aren't You Interested In Meeting New People?

Honestly, I'm not too keen on that. When I have time to spend on meeting new people, then I will do so. Right now, I need to spend some time alone, chilling. I also have people I love and care about. And those will be a priority when it comes to choosing how to spend my time. I don't see the value in spending my time chatting with people I will most likely never meet again in my life when I could spend that time on things I like better.