I Want To Kiss You Texts For Him (With 15 Examples You Can Use)

The initial phase of texting with a guy can be exhilarating. Each time you receive a message from him, your heart races and you may feel a flush of excitement and anticipation. The conversations are thrilling and consume your attention.

If the first date with him was successful, your conversations may become more significant. This is an opportunity to solidify your connection through engaging and captivating conversation that will leave him wanting more of you.

Express your desire to kiss him with a playful or romantic message. Use language that evokes memories of your chemistry and makes him anticipate your next kiss.


Sending a text expressing your desire to kiss someone can be bold and may have a potential for an awkward response. However, it can also be a way to express your feelings and gauge the other person's interest.

There are many advantages to expressing your desire to kiss someone through a text. One of them being, it can communicate your strong interest in him, especially if you've just shared your first kiss.

Sending a text expressing your desire to kiss someone can have a positive impact on the other person. Even though guys may not show it, they also get self-conscious, especially after the first kiss. A message expressing how you want to kiss him again can help to assure him that the experience was enjoyable for you.

Additionally, expressing your desire to kiss someone through a text can have a sexually arousing effect on the other person. If you're looking to add some excitement to the conversation, mentioning kisses can be a great way to start. It can also open the door for other forms of physical intimacy.

It's important to note that expressing your desire to kiss someone through a text can also be completely innocent. Even if you're not ready to take things further physically, simply telling him that you want to kiss him can still make him happy and put a smile on his face.

If you're unsure of how to begin expressing your desire to kiss someone through a text, you may want to consider a resource such as the Text Chemistry course. This course offers guidance and provides various text templates that you can use to send to the person.


There are several methods for approaching the subject of your next or first kiss. Here are some of the best ways:

1. The direct approach

2. Playing coy

3. Talking about past kisses

4. Playfully teasing him

5. Spicing it up with a little dirty talk

We will provide a description and examples for each approach below.

Try the direct approach

If you're struggling to think of something clever to say, consider taking the direct approach and simply telling him that you want to kiss him. This straightforward method can be effective in conveying your feelings.

Being honest and direct can be refreshing, especially in the early stages of a relationship. It also sets you apart as someone who is genuine and not playing games. It may be a welcome change of pace for someone who has been in the dating scene for a while. Your honesty can make you stand out from any potential competition.

It's important to keep in mind that this method should be used in moderation. If you tell him you want to kiss him too frequently, it may make you appear uninteresting and even obsessed with kisses. A balance is key, express your desire but also be mindful of the timing and frequency of your message.


"I look forward to embracing you again when we next meet."

"I can't wait until our next hangout, I may not be able to resist giving you a kiss."

"Promise me you'll kiss me soon."

Play coy with him by hinting at what you want

If being straightforward is not your style, you can tactfully imply your interest in kissing him. This means not directly expressing your desire to kiss him, but rather, subtly hinting at it.

This type of technique is suitable for guys who are good at interpreting indirect messages. If the guy you like is not good at understanding hints, then it may be better to avoid this approach.


"My lips are yearning for something... Can you guess what it could be?"

"If my desire to kiss you was against the law, I might just plead guilty, Your Honor."

"I've been curious if your lips taste as delicious as they look."

Let him know you've enjoyed past kisses

As previously mentioned, guys can also be insecure about their kissing abilities. If you don't express your satisfaction, he may question if there will be future kisses or if he has turned you off.

For guys who are sensitive, letting them know that you enjoyed kissing them can be a great way to ease their worries and boost their confidence.

Even for guys who are confident in their kissing abilities, a bit of compliment can't hurt.


"Your kiss last night left me feeling weak in the knees. I would love to have that experience again."

"Wow! Where did you learn to kiss like that?"

"You're definitely one of the best kissers I've ever kissed. But, to be sure, I might need to kiss you again soon..."

Make him smile with a little playful teasing

One of the most enjoyable ways to text him is by playfully teasing him. This will likely bring a smile to his face and he may even tease you back.

Teasing him over text is a subtle and low-pressure way to indicate your desire to kiss him. A playful tone doesn't convey seriousness and thus it is less awkward compared to expressing your feelings directly.


"Not a bad first kiss, but I think you could use some lessons from me. ?"

"So... was that kiss as enjoyable for you as it was for me?"

"I think I need to kiss you more to confirm my suspicions that you're a great kisser."

Sprinkle a little spice in with some dirty talk

Feeling a little flirtatious? You can add a hint of naughtiness to your texts by using your desire to kiss him as a way to suggest that it's just the start of something more.

Mentioning the possibility of intimacy is a sure way to grab a guy's attention. However, it is important to remember that you don't have to make your conversations sexual if you don't feel comfortable with it. Take your time and make sure you're ready before you proceed with those kinds of topics.


"I enjoy kissing your lips, but I am curious about kissing other parts of your body."

"The next time I see you, I'll be leaving my lipstick mark not only on your collar but also on other places."

"You have a great technique when we kiss, I can imagine many other ways we could use it."


Finding the right words to express your desire to kiss someone can be difficult, especially when trying to make it seem natural in conversation. Despite all the effort you put into researching, you may still feel unsure of what to say.

If you're having difficulty coming up with the perfect text to express your desire to kiss him, consider using a resource like the Text Chemistry course. This program provides text templates that you can customize and send to your guy. Additionally, the course offers lessons on how to make yourself more attractive to men, so you can have a deeper understanding of how to craft the most alluring texts he's ever received.