I Want More Than A Lover, I Want A Best Friend As Well

It's hard to contain yourself when you meet the love of your life. Most people completely forget who they are because feelings of infatuation overwhelm them. For many of us, emotions simply take over our lives.

Beyond that, we hold nothing back in our attempts to make sure the person we adore is by our side at all times. We long for their touch at all times, and we want to be in their presence at every chance we get. When we are apart, we become completely incapable of thinking of anything else other than the joy we would get by being next to them.

It is practically impossible to have too much of this person. Such is the sweetness of a love story that is just budding.

However, the fun and excitement do not last forever. Sooner or later, life sets in and deals you a blow. Despite the deep love you share, these challenges can put your relationship to the test.

It is, for this reason, I believe you should look beyond getting a good lover when looking for someone to get into a relationship with. And deep down I am actually convinced that it is how you handle the relationship when things are not easy that matters the most.

That's why for me, a lover is not all I need. I want a best friend as well.

I Want Someone I Will Be Comfortable Crying Around

Life is hard enough as it is, and things can sometimes get overwhelming and out of control. Sometimes you will find yourself floored by the blows life deals you. Handling these moments is never easy.

So, during these tough times, I need someone who can be there for me as a friend. A lover might not offer the kind of support I require during such moments, but a friend can. When you are feeling down and devastated, you don't need kisses and romance. You need more than that.

My lover should give me a shoulder to cry on. They should hear me out and tell me everything will be fine. The last thing I want is a lover who stays away when I am going through hell. I should be comfortable to show my lover my vulnerabilities because they should also be my best friend.

There are lovers we would never dare show our vulnerabilities to. And you know why? It's because they are not our best friends. They would probably think less of us or use these flaws to their advantage.

In fact, I want someone who gives me more than a chance to be myself around them. I want a lover who will be vulnerable around me. In other words, I want to be my lover's best friend as well. Someone I can trust with my most intimate thoughts, just as they can trust me with theirs, that would be the ultimate lover for me.

We should be there for each other through everything. Rather than being afraid to deal with the problems we are facing by making out, we should feel comfortable holding each other close and comforting each other.