I Want An Equal Partner, Not A Knight In Shining Armor

The challenges I encounter in my life are solely mine to handle. While I appreciate the desire to assist, I am a self-sufficient adult who is perfectly capable of managing my affairs. Rather than a savior, I seek an authentic partner in any romantic relationship. If you cannot view me as an equal, please do not bother attempting to rescue me.

1. I Can Handle My Own Crap

There may be instances where I require your assistance, but it's crucial that we collaborate to resolve any issues instead of you taking charge without my input. Overcoming my personal struggles is an integral part of my identity, and I take pride in doing so independently.

2. I Need You To Listen

The only feasible approach to maintaining a relationship of equals is by ensuring effective communication. If you are unwilling to truly listen to me, how can we connect and move forward together? It's essential to comprehend my words rather than hearing what you wish to hear. A 50/50 relationship relies on strong communication, and I desire that we excel in this area.

3. I Want A Teammate, Not A Coach

My aspiration is for us to be collaborative partners striving towards a common objective. This necessitates adopting a genuine team player mentality. When you succeed, I succeed, and vice versa. We are both equal players in this game with similar levels of knowledge and expertise, and we should jointly navigate any challenges that arise.

4. I Need Your Respect, Not Your Pity

I feel apprehensive when sharing my difficult experiences with you, as I fear being met with pity. However, what I have endured has strengthened me, not made me a subject of sympathy. Respect is a crucial element in any successful relationship. Without it, the connection cannot progress.

5. I Need You To Have My Back

As a human being, I may occasionally make mistakes. Nevertheless, when confronted with significant challenges, having your support behind me would alleviate a great deal of stress. I will reciprocate this support for you without hesitation.

6. I May Be Broken, But I Don't Need Fixing

The healing process takes time, and you may play a role in it. However, this does not imply that you should attempt to instantly remedy everything. Simply being present with me as I navigate through it is sufficient.

7. I need you to fight with me, not for me

This requires making an effort to comprehend my perspective. It's acceptable to disagree, but abandoning me to fight on your own is not.

8. I Want A Relationship, Not A Fairy Tale

Relationships can be chaotic, and we may need to engage in conflict at times. However, mutual respect is what ultimately sustains the relationship. Fairy tales may be idealized, but I still hold onto the belief in authentic love.