I Want A Relationship, But I Also Don't Want To Give Up Being Single

Even though I'm comfortable with spending most of my time alone, I'm aware that I don't want to remain single indefinitely. Therefore, I'll have to attempt another relationship at some point. Although there are many exciting aspects to anticipate, there are a few things about being single that I genuinely cherish, and I'm not certain if I'm prepared to relinquish them just yet.

1. I Love Sleeping Alone

It's always been easy for me to confess that I despise sharing a bed with another person. I relish the ability to sprawl out, monopolize all the blankets, and sleep without concern for snoring or flatulence. I am uninterested in sharing my bed with a sweaty, space-invading sleeper who may jab me with their elbow in the middle of the night.

2. I Like Having Weekends To Myself

While having plans for a Saturday night is enjoyable, I am fortunate to have friends who can assist with that. If I happen to have a free weekend, I don't have any difficulty locating something to do. I relish doing things alone, and being single has provided me with many opportunities to spend valuable time with myself.

3. Never Having To Compromise Is Pretty Nice

In relationships, one must invest time and energy into communication and always be willing to make compromises. Even if I don't feel like going to my partner's friend's engagement party on Saturday night, I'll do it anyway because that's what being a girlfriend entails. However, when I'm single, I'm not obligated to do anything that I don't want to do, and I must admit, it feels incredible.

4. I Have So Much Free Time

Being single provides me with an abundance of spare time. I have additional hours to devote to writing, reading, indulging in trashy MTV reality shows, shopping, working out, cooking, and whatever else I desire. If I were to acquire a boyfriend, I'd have significantly less time to spend as I please. However, on the positive side, at least some of that time would be spent having sex - something I infrequently engage in these days.

5. Sometimes Dating Is Fun

It's common for single girls to grumble about the dating scene until they're out of breath, but we continue to participate in it because, more often than not, we'll come away with a good story. If I were in a relationship, I wouldn't be able to take screenshots of absurd Tinder profiles to send to my friends anymore. However, I suppose that's a minor sacrifice to make for the benefit of not having to endure any more terrible dates anytime soon.

6. Commitment Is Kind Of Scary

Having experienced a couple of painful breakups, I'm well aware that it's something I'd prefer to avoid in the future. Regrettably, the only approach to ensure that is to avoid entering into a relationship, which isn't a sustainable plan, as I understand. Eventually, I'll have to overcome my apprehension, but perhaps not quite yet.

7. I Don't Want To Deal With Petty Fights

I detest those minor disputes that couples inevitably have. Even if they typically lead nowhere, they still cause me anxiety. When I'm single, I never have to be concerned about misconstruing a text message and then dwelling on some imaginary offense all day long. Being unattached implies there are no trivial disagreements to worry about.

8. Chances Are It Won't Work Out Anyway

Label me a pessimist, but even if I discover someone I adore and form a relationship, what are the chances of it lasting more than a few months? It appears like the struggle isn't worth it. However, the fact is, if I aspire to discover love, I must try nonetheless, despite the fact that the likelihood is against me every step of the way.

9. I Feel Like I'm In A Good Place Right Now

As far as my career is concerned, I'm on a good track, I have a decent social life, and I have various hobbies and objectives to occupy the majority of my leisure time. Why jeopardize all of that by introducing a boyfriend into the mix? He's likely to demand all of my time and disrupt my schedule, which I've finally arranged the way I want it.

10. I'm Not Interested In Dating Just Anyone

If I'm going to allocate space for a man in my life, I want to ensure he's deserving of it. I'm not going to discard the comfort I've established with the single life for the first guy who expresses interest, given all that I've been through. I don't believe my expectations are unreasonable, but even if they are, that's okay; I'll just continue living my ideal single girl life. I'm content with that as well.