I Want A Real Relationship But Finding Someone Who's On The Same Page Feels Impossible

It's frustrating to hear people repeatedly say "I just want something casual" because that's not what I'm looking for. Unfortunately, I keep encountering individuals who have no interest in a serious relationship and only want to hook up or hang out. It's so aggravating.

1. All I Want Is A Nice Relationship

It's frustrating when someone tells me they're only interested in something casual because what I truly want is a committed relationship. I'm not interested in being friends first or keeping things undefined without a label. These options are not what I'm looking for. I'm seeking someone who shares the same desire for a serious relationship, nothing less.

2. It's Not That Hard To Be Clear

There are several reasons why I'm not interested in casual relationships, but one of the main reasons is that I despise ambiguity. I don't want to leave things up in the air and see how they develop without discussing the possibility of a committed relationship. I prefer that both parties are upfront from the beginning that they are interested in a serious relationship. Unfortunately, this hasn't been the case in my past experiences.

3. I'm Not Exaggerating When I Say It's Nearly Impossible To Find Someone Who's Not Looking For Something Casual

If I had only heard "I want something casual" once or twice, it wouldn't be such a big deal. But the truth is, I've heard it over a dozen times. It's become a common phrase that people say to me, leaving me feeling both astonished and irritated that I keep encountering the same situation. It would be wonderful if someone could just say "I'm looking for a relationship" instead. However, it seems like that's just wishful thinking on my part.

4. Is It An Age Thing?

As someone in their mid-twenties, I'm beginning to wonder if my age has something to do with why I keep hearing the phrase "I want something casual." I typically date people around my age, and I'm starting to question if individuals in their twenties struggle with commitment or if they're not ready to be in serious relationships. While I'm not certain if age is a determining factor, it certainly seems that way based on my experiences.

5. It's Not Just A Gender Thing

At times, I find myself questioning if it's just men who are more likely to want something casual. However, since I date individuals across the gender spectrum, I can confirm that this sentiment is not limited to men. People of all genders have expressed a desire for something casual, and it seems that the "casual bug" doesn't discriminate based on gender.

6. Why Are So Many People So Anti-commitment?

Although I could try to clarify what individuals mean by "something casual," I often find myself already moving on before having that conversation. As a result, I'm left to ponder why so many people seem uninterested in committed relationships and instead prefer something casual for various reasons.

7. Is This Code For "I Just Want To Hook Up"?

I often wonder about the precise meaning of "casual." For me, it seems like some individuals are seeking sexual encounters without any expectations of a future relationship. Perhaps they're only looking to hang out, but I'm hesitant to get involved in such situations for fear of getting emotionally attached. I'm not sure what's going on in the minds of people who use this term, as my primary focus is always on finding a potential relationship.

8. It's Frustrating If It Doesn't Come Up Right Away

After three dates, I start to assume that the person I'm seeing is interested in a relationship. Why else would they take me out to dinner? However, sometimes the conversation about intentions doesn't happen as soon as I'd prefer, and I'm caught off guard when they bring up wanting something casual. Maybe I'm too afraid to ask upfront, or perhaps the topic hasn't come up naturally. Regardless, it's frustrating to discover that our desires differ significantly after going on several dates.

9. I've Started Asking Before The Date

Online dating offers more opportunities for open communication, which has led me to start asking people what they're looking for before scheduling a date. If they respond positively, I feel relieved knowing that we're on the same page. On the other hand, if they reply negatively, I can avoid going on a date with them and save myself from potential problems down the line. Regardless of the outcome, asking about their intentions upfront helps to ease my mind and ensure we're both looking for the same thing.

10. I Refuse To Settle For Less

Some might wonder why I get so frustrated and suggest that I should try something casual. However, I value my needs and beliefs, and what I truly want is someone who shares the same intention. I'm not willing to compromise and risk ending up with a broken heart down the road, especially when I still desire a relationship and the other person wants something casual. Therefore, I choose to stick to my preferences and stay focused on finding a meaningful relationship.