I Want A Man Who Won't Stop Pursuing Me Even After He's Already Got Me

I Want A Man Who Won't Stop Pursuing Me Even After He's Already Got Me

Yes! I know I haven't been successful and perfect in relationships and love. I understand modern dating, and I've experienced its downfalls and shortcomings.

I've experienced multiple heartbreaks and a fair share of failed relationships. From now onwards, this is my honest view of dating.

I'm sick of immaturity and being with someone who likes playing childish games. I don't want a person who treats love or a relationship like it's a competition. I hate being pursued just for the sake of the chase.

Many men would do everything it takes to attract and grab my attention. They pursue me and won't stop chasing after me. And they end up giving me high hopes since they've shown an interest and are willing to give put in the effort.

These men even manage to convince me that perhaps I should let them in my heart. They motivate my decision to give them a chance.

But right after these guys hook me up, they become ignorant. They start bailing on me, and they stop pursuing me.

I'm sick of these men who chase me only to lock me down. People who don't need me anymore after they've won my heart and affection.

In the past, I've been caught up in multiple "honeymoon phases." Now I'm sick of all of them.

I'm not looking for any more unrealistic love expectations at this point. I only want a real thing. I need a partner that wants to commit to each other and a relationship that lasts for decades.

And I'm not looking to be any man's trophy or price tag. I'm not an object or a gold medal that a guy can just wear to brag about in front of his friends. I'm a human and an emotional creature.

I'm a woman with feelings, aspirations, hopes, and dreams. And I crave to give my love to someone deserving it.

I don't want a long-term relationship that diminishes my value or doesn't help me grow. I don't want to hold on to a man who doesn't bring out the best in me. I won't be attached to a person who's going to take my love and respect for granted.

I want a lover who isn't going to stop the pursuit. A person who doesn't get tired of putting in an effort and commitment.

I want a flourishing relationship. And a lover who tells me how much he loves and cares for me all the time, and proves it with actions.

I crave a partner who won't get annoyed by my constant affection. It's the person I am. I love hard and from the innermost of my heart.

I want a relationship with someone who understands that taking me for granted is unacceptable. And I won't tolerate it. I want a partner who pursues me even after realizing I'm already in love.

I don't want someone who won't shy away from making me feel loved and wanted. I want a man who's willing to make himself vulnerable to give me happiness.

I want a lover who doesn't hesitate to open up his soul and heart for me. A person who won't tire of making our relationship better.

That's the only way I'll feel safe and secure in a relationship. The only way I'll understand your love is real.

I know love isn't easy, simple, or something I'm entitled to straightaway. I understand I need to work for my "happily ever after." But I just want to ensure you also know the kind of person I'm looking for.