I Want A Guy Who Actually Gives A Shit About Me

Life is happier and much more simple when you have someone who loves and cares about you. We all need a person to stand by us during good times and also the tough moments. A hand to grasp when struggling and a shoulder to cry on.

But being in love isn’t easy. Because sometimes you may love someone only to end up twice as broken as before. Despite the many heartbreaks I’ve gone through, I still believe there’s still a perfect partner out there for me. It’s just that I haven’t met him yet.

I’m tired of men who aren’t ready for me. And many times, I’ve felt like my love life’s going nowhere. Like I’m running in an endless circle with guys who only waste my time. But for now, I’m just seeking a man who gives a shit about me.

I want a guy who proves his love for me with actions

I want a man who is true to his words. When he promises me that he’ll show up to the date on time, he does so without me pushing him. I’m looking for a guy who’ll be concerned about my day and does the small things that make me smile and happy.

I want a man who’ll find pleasure in helping me carry heavy grocery bags, and warms me on a cold day. A lover who’ll make our every date night special.

A man who cares from his heart

I want a man who has a caring heart as part of his unique nature. A partner who’ll feel concern for me not because I tell him to or because I beg for his love. I also want a partner who’s proud to show me off to his friends and family.

I want a lover who spends time with me and gives me freedom

I don’t want to feel like a side option or a man’s backup plan. I don’t want a lover who controls everything I want to do. I only need a man who’ll allow me to decide the things to do and agrees we do them together.

I need a man who’ll not forget I exist when we aren’t together

I deserve a man who doesn’t ghost me on weekends or evenings. I want a partner who doesn’t get me worried about his free time. A man who calls to check on me and to remind me that he’s missing me. I want a guy who loves me no matter the distance between us.

I want a man who respects my space when disagreements occur but doesn’t leave my side

Every relationship has its tough days and moments. And in case the fights happen, I want a man who’ll work things through and resolve the issues. Because he doesn’t want to be the cause of my hurting. I want a partner who cares about my feeling.

I want a responsible man who’s ready for commitments

I want a guy who’s always looking forward to our future together. A person who’ll bring out the best version of me. A loving partner who makes me feel perfect despite my imperfections.