I Used To Be Open With My Feelings, But Not Anymore

In the past, I was a woman who never hesitated to express my feelings to men. I embraced vulnerability and allowed myself to fully experience love. Wearing my heart on my sleeve was a common occurrence. However, I've undergone a transformation since then, and here's the reason for the change:

1. I didn't live happily ever after

Actually, I believe that my tendency to wear my heart on my sleeve is precisely why I suffered repeated heartbreaks. I used to believe that being candid, transparent, and open was the way to win a man's heart. I thought that's how all fairy tales began, but I was mistaken. As it turns out, that's a recipe for tragedy.


2. Holding my cards close to my chest is the only way to play it safe

To stay in the game, I need to play smarter. I can't afford to reveal myself to men before they've earned my trust. Instead of baring it all from the outset, I'll disclose myself gradually, piece-by-piece and card-by-card. I won't give a man all the ammunition to break my heart. Going forward, I'll take charge of my love life.


3. I can't live for love anymore

The time has come for me to start living for myself, and that time is now. I once believed that my life's purpose was to find love, but I've come to realize that I desire much more than just a companion. I'm capable of achieving more in life than being someone's arm candy. I used to think that romantic love was the sole driving force of the world, but I'm capable of accomplishing so much more than that. Wearing my heart on my sleeve was due to my obsession with love, but I've now set my sights on bigger dreams.


4. I won't let a man hold too much power over me

Wearing my heart on my sleeve meant giving any man I loved immediate access to my heart. I let him handle it with bare hands, thus granting him the power to shatter it. Going forward, I'll be in charge of my heart. I'm not resentful; I'm learning to be resilient because, no matter how hard I fall, I still need to retain control over my life.


5. I have to learn from my past mistakes

My strategy of wearing my heart on my sleeve has proved ineffective. It's time to experiment with something different. If my inclination to be overly receptive to love is what caused my pain, then perhaps I need to be more guarded in the future. I'm not implying that I'll never be open to love, but I do intend to exercise more restraint. While I still have faith in love, I'll take it slow and keep my emotions more contained.


6. From now on, I'm going to protect my heart

I can no longer leave my heart exposed for anyone to break. After experiencing heartbreak, I've come to the realization that wearing my heart on my sleeve was imprudent. While others may perceive me as embittered and closed off, I'm simply acting sensibly - safeguarding myself.


7. I won't say how I feel until I'm truly ready

Wearing my heart on my sleeve led me to rush into serious relationships too hastily. Moving forward, I plan to take it slow. Although I desire love, I aspire to have it endure this time around. Rather than impulsively diving in and jeopardizing everything, I'll hold off until I'm confident about my emotions before confessing them.


8. I won't be honest with someone who can't be honest with me

For me to open up to a guy again, I must feel assured that I can trust him. Hence, I won't share my feelings until he's willing to reveal his own. I've been the one to utter "I love you" first far too often. The next time around, I'll wait for him to say it first since that's how I'll be sure we're in sync and our love is genuine.


9. Making myself too vulnerable is the easiest way to get hurt

That's why I'm discovering how to be more guarded, and I believe it's a wise move. I can't divulge my entire life story to every guy I encounter. I must be more careful than that. Feeling a connection doesn't equate to him being "The One" or even a decent person. Eventually, I'll become more vulnerable, but for now, it's best to approach each relationship with my guard up.


10. I'm still looking for love

I'm not as innocent as I used to be, I've learned from my heartbreak. I used to believe that love would solve everything, but I now understand that it's not that simple. It doesn't mean that I'm giving up on love altogether; I just have a more realistic approach to it now. I still want to find my soulmate, but I'm aware that it takes more than just feelings to make a relationship work.


11. I realized that sometimes love isn't enough

I learned that pouring all my love and effort into a relationship doesn't guarantee it will last. Love alone isn't enough. That's why I'll keep my heart guarded until I find something that has a real chance of lasting.