I Used My Dog Training Techniques On My Boyfriend & It Totally Worked

I Used My Dog Training Techniques On My Boyfriend & It Totally Worked

My boyfriend and I have gotten a puppy together, and it's really cute and fun, although it was quite naughty. So we had to get a dog trainer to help correct his behavior. I have used some of the very same techniques on my guy. (He doesn't know about this)

1. Punishment Doesn't Work

Although we have been taught that punishment works, it only does so in a limited number of scenarios. So, it's better to avoid it altogether.

2. You Should Stop Punishing Your Spouse Unconsciously

You might be punishing your lover without even knowing it, for instance, ignoring his texts when he did something wrong, or starting a fight. So when you get upset at him because he does not text or call, that is unconscious punishment and it will make him text and call even less.

3. Turn The Tables

When he finally managed to text me later in the day, instead of asking a sarcastic question to point out that he hadn't texted all day, I instead responded with a flirty text. That's almost sure to get you an immediate response. I tried it and I can confirm that it works like a charm. So, lay off the sarcasm and stop ignoring his texts because he took too long to text, use this trick and see things change in a big way.

4. Try Positive Reinforcement

Always appreciate positive behavior, even if it falls short of what you want in the end. My dog got rewarded through toys, but for my boyfriend, he got rewards every time he texted, and it worked great. Within no time, he was texting me all day, and I could tell it was one of his favorite things.

5. Yes, It Works

When you focus on the positive, even when there has obviously been a shortcoming, he will engage more, and eventually, he will live up to your standards. Best of all, he will be happy to, and you will know that his sentiments about what he is doing are very real.

6. Use High-Value Rewards

You might think that sex is the ultimate reward in a relationship, but that's just too manipulative, and it would take some waiting, which does not work very well. I know men like women who make them happy, so I stay upbeat and flirty instead when he texts something sweet or thoughtful. In general, I keep the texts fun and happy.

7. The Passion We Had When We Began Is Back

I am sure you can remember what texting a guy when your relationship is just starting is like. There can be a lot of passion, and he wants to text you all the time. Sadly, that changes as time goes by since other issues get in the way. But by clearing such baggage off your communication, you can get back to the honeymoon phase where everything felt all-consuming and passionate.

8. My Dog And My Relationship Are All Fine

I have to thank my dog trainer. My dog does not whine too much, and I get texts from my boyfriend all day.