I Trust In God's Help As I Try To Find A Way

I Trust In God’s Help As I Try To Find A Way

I have no idea where my life is headed. I know where I would like to be, but every bold step I take appears to be in the wrong direction.

Why Can't I Seem To Make The Right Choice?

God, what is my purpose? Guide me through these hard times. Show me the way. I pray you lead me to joy and happiness.

Hold my hand and help get through this. I want a fulfilling life. I need your protection as I walk through these storms in my life.

I Believe That Your Grace Will Help Me Survive

You will open up the heavens and shower me with your blessings.

By your reassurance I know the struggles I face will not last. That my life will be beautiful once more.

The winds may toss what I care about around, but I know you will put everything in its place. You will make my life beautiful once again.

That is why you are my eternal hope.

Help Me Endure The Pain, Embrace Me In Your Loving Harms And Be My Comfort

I may be broken, but I know you will restore my spirit. Make my days brighter, give me hope and faith and help me endure.

Heal my wounds. Give me joy once more.

I seek the guidance of your glorious light in all I do. Fill me with wisdom and the joy of your redemption.

Reassure me and guide my paths. Clear my ways of all obstacles. Confirm to me that my present hardships will pass away. What a beautiful future awaits me.

That one day I will behold the light. That your deep love will always be with me wherever I go.

I Seek Never To Be Parted From Your Sight

I am full of worries and fearful thoughts overwhelm me. My mind cannot find peace. Fear creeps up on me from every side, and I feel alone and vulnerable.

When I Feel Alone, Be There To Comfort Me

Deliver me from my solitude, strengthen me and take away my fears. The questions that trouble my mind need your perfect answers.

In you, I know I will have all I need. I know that you will create the right path for me in life. Because you are God, my life will have meaning. My work will bear fruit, and I will rejoice in your goodness.

So God, make way for me. Don't let my feet slip or stumble as I walk through this life. Let my life be a fulfillment of your divine purpose for me.