I Trust God To Bring The Right Person Into My Life At The Right Time

I Trust God To Bring The Right Person Into My Life At The Right Time

In life, timing is important. There is a right time for everything. However, we mortals have no way of knowing when the right time comes to make some major life decisions.

For instance, when should you give up on the dream of ever finding your dream partner and settle for whoever comes your way?

I Have Suffered At The Hands Of The Wrong Guys I Let Into My Life

These people walked in and out of my life and the only thing they did was waste my time and hurt my feelings. Today, I feel that my heart has had more than its fair share of heartbreaks.

But why I am not getting the amount of love I am giving in these situations? Relationships are give and take, right?

Although I Am Tired, I Am Still Full Of Hope

I know that the day is coming. And when that day comes, the right man will walk into my life and my heart will have found its match.

And considering all the mistakes I have made in the past, I am leaving it to God to bring me the right person when the time is right.

I have been praying that I might meet the right person for years. And although my endless waiting has often left me frustrated, I am now at peace.

I know that God is preparing the right person for me. Period.

More than anyone, God knows that I have made terrible choices with men.

So, why should I trust in my judgment any longer? I trust in God to do what is best for me, and I know he will come through for me.

God, I Know You Love Me More Than Anyone

I understand that you understand all the desires of my heart.

You know what is best for me. You are full of love, kindness, and goodness, and my hope and desire are that the man who comes into my life is filled with these qualities.

In fact, I am sure you will give me such a man.

You have been kind and loving to me, and I know your plans for me are good.

So, grant me patience and let me keep trusting in you. I want to leave everything in your control. I cannot make the right choices on my own.

Help me become a strong woman, a great mother, and an amazing friend.

Make Of Me Like The Man I Pray You For

Fill me with love and kindness, make me the woman every man prays for.

As I wait, I know that impatience will sometimes overwhelm me. Help me get through the waiting with patience and peace.

Sometimes loneliness overcomes me, and at these times I doubt your promises. But I understand that you are working to fulfill my prayers.

One day, I know that you will bring me face to face with the love of my life. I know that a day will come when you will lead me into the arms of my one and only...

And on that day, your promises will have come true, and I will rejoice in your infinite goodness all my life.