I Stopped Trying To Find Love And Left It To Fate — It Worked!

For years, I tried to meet a great guy by putting myself out there, but my efforts didn't yield any positive results. Eventually, I decided to stop trying too hard and let fate take its course. Although this decision may not have appeared to be the best for someone searching for love and a long-term relationship, it turned out to be the most advantageous thing I could have done. I fell in love unexpectedly, without actively seeking it, proving that it can happen when you least anticipate it. So, never let anyone discourage you by saying otherwise.

Letting Things Play Out On Their Own Isn't The Same Thing As Giving Up

Choosing to give up on finding someone special would mean closing the door on the possibility of ever meeting that person. On the other hand, if you entrust your love life to fate, you remain open to discovering love and hold on to the belief that the universe has someone exceptional in store for you. This approach recognizes that there may be a larger plan for your life that you cannot entirely control or direct.

You're Allowed To Enjoy Life On Your Own

It can be incredibly empowering to bask in your independence and relish the joy and liberation that it provides. While you may meet that special someone and embark on the journey of building a life together at any moment, it's crucial to make the most of every day until then. Live life to the fullest!

It Doesn't Have To Be So Exhausting

Dating sites often match individuals based on superficial similarities that have little to do with genuine compatibility. Merely being single and sharing a common music taste does not necessarily equate to a good match. In fact, it can feel uncomfortable when you find yourself struggling to establish common ground with someone you would never have met or interacted with in a natural setting.

You May Be Surprisingly Compatible With Someone Who's Your Exact Opposite

Another issue with dating sites is that they make you dismiss potential matches too hastily. While dealbreakers are important, they are not always absolute. You might meet someone who ticks some of your former dealbreakers yet still proves to be compatible with you. That's why it's essential to connect with people the traditional way, by meeting and getting to know each other in person. This way, you get a genuine sense of who the person is, rather than solely relying on their profile and checking off boxes.

It Feels Amazing When Fate Brings Someone Special Into Your Life

When it happens, you realize that your encounter was more than mere chance. You also comprehend why your previous relationships did not work out. They were merely stepping stones leading you to this enchanting place where love blossoms naturally, rather than being artificially produced in a contrived manner.

You Can't Force Chemistry

While perusing through databases of prospective partners, it's easy to overlook the fact that genuine chemistry goes far beyond what a dating profile can reveal. Even if someone appears to be an ideal match on paper, and you both share similar goals, authentic chemistry is necessary to establish a lasting connection that cannot be coerced or manufactured.

Meeting The Love Of Your Life By Chance Makes A Terrific Story

Although couples who met on dating apps like Tinder or POF have tied the knot, it's fascinating to have a distinctive "how we met" tale. For instance, my current boyfriend sold me cable right after I returned home from being a maid of honor at my best friend's wedding. Such stories make long-term relationships all the more enchanting. Therefore, don't settle for the first guy who swipes right and miss out on having a remarkable story to tell.

You Don't Want To Settle

Often, there is pressure to settle for anyone instead of embracing your single life, but this should not be the case. Settling for just anyone is not beneficial for yourself or others. You are worthy of experiencing the enchantment of discovering a genuine connection that evolves into genuine love. Once you find it, you'll understand that waiting was worthwhile.