I Stopped Focusing On Guys And Started Focusing On Me And My Whole Life Improved

In the past, I've made my boyfriends the top priority in my life, often neglecting my personal aspirations and friendships to please them. However, following my recent breakup, I realized that I needed to stop putting any guy at the center of my world. Although it wasn't an effortless transition, deciding to prioritize my own well-being was the best choice I could have made for myself.

1. It Took The Pressure Off Of Dating And Meeting Guys, Which Made It More Fun

When I realized that my happiness was no longer linked to my relationship status, it relieved the pressure of dating or talking to new guys. This allowed me to have a more lighthearted approach to dating, and I started enjoying the process of meeting new people without overthinking the outcome. I stopped obsessing over whether the relationship would last, when we would meet next, or how to respond to text messages. Instead, I embraced dating as a part of my life, without it being my sole focus.

2. I Learned That There Are So Many Things You Can Accomplish When You're No Longer Worrying About A Guy Texting You Back

I began pursuing my interests and desires without relying on a male companion to accompany me or waiting for my partner to initiate plans. Rather than obsessing over the content and frequency of my text messages, I embraced a life of action and adventure.

3. I Spent My Free Time With My Friends And Family

Rather than feeling the constant need for a romantic relationship, I directed my attention towards enhancing the other meaningful relationships in my life such as with my family and friends. During my singlehood or while being in a committed relationship, I didn't engage in frequent dating, which gave me the opportunity to foster deeper bonds with my loved ones.

4. I Began To Do Things I Actually Wanted To Do

Prior to prioritizing my own happiness over my relationship, I used to engage in activities that my partner at the time wanted to do or was interested in. Whether it was watching sports games or going to casinos, I would partake in them solely because he enjoyed them, and in turn, neglect my own personal interests and goals.

5. My Emotions And Happiness Became More Stable

I experienced a reduction in anxiety and an improvement in my quality of sleep. The change was attributed to my shift in focus from deriving happiness and emotional stability from an unreliable partner or relationship to finding it within myself and in aspects of my life that are within my control.

6. More Guys Became Interested In Me Because I Was Independent

As I liberated myself from the pursuit of romantic relationships, I unconsciously developed a new carefree demeanor that was positively received. My previous tendencies towards obsession and neediness had vanished, resulting in an attractive aura. As the law of action suggests, by no longer fixating on finding a partner, I began receiving more invitations for dates and offers to buy me drinks than ever before.

7. I Realized I Had More Fun Going Out And Doing Things When I Didn't Have To Worry About Whether My Date Was Having Fun

Previously, I would frequently ask my boyfriend or the guy I was seeing to accompany me to various events or outings. My focus was on ensuring that they were having a good time, and my own enjoyment hinged on theirs. However, I now refrain from fixating on having a date for events and parties, and instead attend because I genuinely desire to have a good time.

8. I Stopped Putting Up With Crap From Guys And People In General

Once I realized that my world and my happiness weren't reliant on a man or a romantic relationship, I ceased tolerating anyone who treated me unfairly. I understood that I didn't require anyone's presence to experience joy or live a fulfilling life, so I began excluding toxic individuals from it. As soon as I removed these negative influences from my life, every aspect of it improved dramatically.

9. Like Any Habit, It Was Hard To Break

Putting an end to my life's revolving around guys demanded effort. I had to persistently strive for it, and on some occasions, I nearly surrendered. Nonetheless, the outcome was rewarding as I am now significantly more robust and self-reliant than ever before.

10. My World Revolves Around Myself, Which Is The Way It Should Be Right Now

At this stage, I prioritize myself and my needs above all else, including relationships and guys. By doing so, I've opened up many opportunities to pursue my own goals and enrich my life. I feel more fulfilled and content, even without a partner or a romantic relationship.