I Started Dating Myself & My Entire Life Improved…

I Started Dating Myself & My Entire Life Improved…

Remember that amazing feeling when you are going on a date with your loved one? When there is a slight stir in the blood from excitement and anticipation at the same time? When you smile mysteriously looking at yourself in the mirror and rush to meet your love as if wings make you fly? I definitely love this feeling so much, but can you experience the same feeling by going on a date with yourself? Yes, you can, and you should!

I have never considered anything like dating myself until I went on a business trip to another city and found myself completely alone in my hotel room. I didn't want to bother my parents by calling them, and I just had a bad argument with my boyfriend. No one was around for me to talk to or enjoy my spare time with on the trip, so I just dressed up and went out. I went out for my first date with me.

Falling in love with yourself

A date with yourself is the very time you really can get a chance to fall in love with yourself! Smile, take ridiculous photos, talk to birds, and find things you like to do with yourself.

Being alone, I am always myself, and that is it. I can relax and never have to pretend to be someone that I'm not, just like we often do being on a date with guys. Dating myself, I can keep quiet when I do not need words, I choose myself what to listen to, what to look at and what to do, and this makes me feel remarkable!

For some people dating themselves may sound weird. For others, it is too difficult to find even an hour for themselves, but just do it. At least try once, and you will experience changes that you could never imagine would come. Don't fear plunging into your own world. You will know yourself better, hear your inner desires, get acquainted with your emotions, and see yourself from within —you'll love what you see!

My perfect date

It's been years since I realized how important it is to be alone, not at home, but somewhere out. Even if the weather is dull, cold and unpleasant it's very good to run away from everyone for a few hours, even if you are loved and needed at home.

Dating yourself is super easy since you go wherever you want, whenever you want, and you wear whatever you want. I often go alone to the library nearby or the shop with interior pieces (I really love looking through them and choosing something I really like to make a small present for myself on the date). Sometimes I just take my laptop – just like now – and start writing my stories, plans, dreams, and thoughts which I will enjoy reading again later, recalling this wonderful time spent with myself.

I love going to a cafe for a cup of coffee. For a great coffee lover like me, coffee alone is like a date. I really love these rare moments when I speak with a nice interlocutor like me. I ask myself questions and find answers. Silence makes everything that's complicated become so simple. The unknown becomes familiar, and the chaotic becomes meaningful.

Another date type I enjoy is walking in the rain on warm days. I splash through puddles and look into various corners of my city, wander into a small park and hide under the trees. I catch the raindrops with my face and laugh at my foolishness since I know I'll get a cold tomorrow, but for today, I don't care — I am just me in these moments.

At such moments I get insight, new ideas, new plans, and what is most important – the right people come into my life. Yes, you can meet a lot of people whom you would never talk to if you were on a date with someone. Such acquaintances may be something really good for you.

Why date yourself?

When being alone you learn to hear your soul, you start understanding what you are and what you want, and you love yourself more. Healthy self-esteem is really important, especially when it comes to relationships with other people.

Dating myself, I began to build a romantic relationship with myself and my desires. I arrange little adventures, where the main character is me. No roles, masks, or commitments. It's like a trip to the ocean of your own senses. My best travels are travels with myself, and it's my way to make my life better.