I Spent A Year Dating Guys Over Six Feet And Here's What It Was Like

After enduring a lengthy and unhealthy romantic involvement with a man who proved to be a complete waste of my time, I opted to engage in some enjoyable dating experiences by exclusively going out with men who possessed the qualities of my ideal partner. Over the course of a year, I limited my dating pool to individuals who were taller than six feet, which at times made me feel a bit foolish, but also provided a sense of amusement.

1. Men over six feet tall are wildly attractive

I'm instantly drawn to exceptionally tall men. Their presence is striking, standing head and shoulders above the rest of the crowd. I'm particularly drawn to height and find myself naturally inclined towards taller men, giving them an advantage over other potential partners. It's an inexplicable, primal attraction that I can't quite explain, but my year of exclusively dating them was undeniably one of the most scintillating periods of my love life.

2. It's mad how many hot, tall guys you can find online

With the advent of dating apps, there is a plethora of men to choose from, and you can easily find individuals who meet your criteria. As a newly single woman, the sheer number and variety of potential partners were overwhelming. I perused through numerous profiles of tall and attractive men, and was surprised by the abundance of choices available to me. Within just a few weeks, I found myself dating towering men.

3. Turns out, tall dudes love to brag about their height

A significant number of tall men flaunt their height in their bios, simplifying my dating life to a great extent. However, some men didn't explicitly mention their height, prompting me to scrutinize pictures of them standing next to their friends to evaluate their stature. In situations where it was too challenging to discern their height, I would seek the final verdict from my friends to avoid accidentally dating someone short. Nevertheless, the availability of men with a towering presence meant this was seldom an issue.

4. I rocked my highest heels on dates with them

Why not? I had a collection of stilettos that I hardly wore to avoid standing out too much. However, dating a towering man provided me with the perfect opportunity to take out those heels and experience what it felt like to be a supermodel. In the past, I was concerned about appearing taller than my date and making him look small in comparison, but that was a non-issue now, and it felt fantastic.

5. Everyone stares at you like you're some kind of power couple

Individuals who are taller than average tend to attract more attention, especially when they are attractive. When I was out on the town with my tall partners and wearing my high heels, we often drew a lot of glances from people. Normally, this would make me self-conscious and wonder what people were thinking about us. However, when I was with a tall guy, I felt assured that we looked great and didn't worry about the opinions of others.

6. Tall men are confident and it's really sexy

Tall men have a sense of dominance over their shorter counterparts. I perceive them as confident, self-assured, and unafraid. This assurance is a quality that I find attractive, and I enjoyed dating men who possessed it. Extremely tall men exude quiet confidence, knowing they have an advantage in the dating game. Nevertheless, this also means that there were several tall liars, players, and generally toxic jerks, since height does not discriminate against the level of one's decency.

7. They make the best huggers and cuddlers

Greetings, big spoons! Tall men with long limbs are perfect for hugging, as you get to be enveloped in their enormous stature. There's something comforting about being overwhelmed by a big guy that just feels fantastic.

8. Sex can get awkward

I wasn't expecting this consequence of dating men who were a foot taller than me. Some sex positions were uncomfortable, and several adjustments had to be made. I had to position myself higher up on furniture just to be at his level. Using pillows and occasionally giving up and switching to a less back-breaking position was necessary. Initially, finding what worked was a bit clumsy, but I had fun experimenting.

9. I realized my preference doesn't make me vain

Several studies suggest that the likelihood of a man marrying a taller woman is around one percent, which means I'm not alone in having height preferences. While swiping through Tinder, I observed that many men indicated they were searching for petite, small women. One even stated that women who didn't look great in a bikini shouldn't even bother messaging him. We all have our preferences when it comes to seeking a partner, but for some reason, I believe women get criticized more for having such preferences. To hell with that.

10. In the end, a 5'10" tall man stole my heart

My experience of dating tall guys was great, but in the end, the most important factor is finding someone who treats you well. I eventually found a guy who was a bit shorter than my usual preference, but he turned out to be amazing beyond my expectations.