I Slept With My Best Friend & Instead Of Ruining Our Friendship, It Made It Even Better

I have had a huge crush on my best friend since we first met and recently had the chance to act on it. While it can be risky to take a friendship to a romantic level, things actually went really well for my friend and me. In fact, we became even closer after we slept together, and here's why.

1. It Made Me Realize How Much We Trusted Each Other

Because of the strong foundation of trust in our friendship, the transition to a physical relationship felt natural and easy. We were already comfortable and safe with each other, so there was no need to build trust in that way. In my experience, sex with someone new can be intimidating and requires a high level of trust, but with my best friend, that trust was already established.

2. Our Existing Dynamic Remains Unchanged

Despite the shift in our relationship, the dynamic between us remains unchanged. Our strong friendship made it so that adding a physical aspect to our relationship felt seamless and like just another shared experience among many.

3. It Was Just Like Our Usual Hangouts… Just With Added Sex

One of the great things about sleeping with my best friend was how easily we transitioned between being romantic partners and just friends. It felt like we were just hanging out, but happened to be naked in bed together. I really enjoyed this dynamic as it was a new way to experience both friendship and sex. In some ways, it was like sleeping with a close guy friend.

4. We Deeply Care For Each Other

The strong foundation of mutual care and support in our friendship was evident in the intimacy we shared. Both of us were there for each other, not just for our own pleasure, and we made sure to keep checking in with each other. This made the experience incredibly special and further strengthened our friendship.

5. Communication Is Key With These Things

Open communication before, during, and after sleeping with my friend was key to making the experience positive. One worry about sleeping with a friend is that things can become awkward, but this is less likely to happen when both people feel comfortable discussing any issues or concerns. We were able to maintain a safe space to talk about anything that came up for either of us.

6. We Hit Fast-forward To Intimacy

My previous sexual experiences have mostly been with partners that I've known for just a few weeks or months. Sleeping with someone after two years of a close connection was a completely different experience. It was a new kind of intimacy, fueled less by the intense passion of a new relationship and more by the comfort of a long-standing bond. After sleeping with my friend, we both commented that it felt like we were entering into a long-term relationship where the excitement may have faded, but the intimacy and comfort remained.

7. We Discovered New Sides Of Each Other

It can be strange to know someone so well and yet be unaware of their sexual being. Sleeping with my friend allowed us to discover new aspects of each other and it was interesting to see how that affected our relationship. Our friendship now has an added layer of understanding since we have a deeper knowledge of each other. After all, there should be no secrets among friends.

8. He Reminded Me To Live With An Open Hand

After sleeping with my friend, I found myself developing feelings for him. I realized that this was happening when I admitted my feelings to him. He reminded me that we don't own anything in life and that it's best to be grateful for what we have while we have it, and be willing to let it go when the time comes. This simple philosophy helped us maintain the easygoing nature of our friendship, which I value so highly.

9. Sex Doesn't Have To Be A Big Deal

In our culture, sex is often given a lot of significance, but in reality, it can often feel quite normal. This was something I discovered during my experience with my friend. I remember thinking "Wow, we just had sex!" and then a moment later realizing how normal it felt. Sex is only as big a deal as you make it. In the end, sleeping with my friend was not a big deal at all.

10. At The End Of The Day, Friendship Comes First

Even though we never explicitly talked about it, I think we both understood that our friendship was the most important thing to us. Despite sleeping with my friend, I still value our friendship above everything else. Fortunately, nothing has threatened our friendship during this experience, but if it had, I believe we would prioritize maintaining it above all else. Some friends are simply too valuable to lose.

As Someone Who's Slept With A Friend, Here's My Advice

1. Know That It's Not For Everyone

It's important to note that just because my experience sleeping with a friend turned out well, that may not be the case for everyone. In fact, I am aware that my situation is the exception rather than the norm. Engaging in casual sex with someone who is just a friend can be complex and can complicate things, so it's important to consider the decision carefully.

2. If You're Not Sure, Don't Take The Chance

If you're concerned that sleeping with your friend might ruin the friendship or that you'll regret it, it's probably best not to go through with it. If the friendship is important to you and you're not both completely confident and on the same page about taking things to a physical level, it's probably best to avoid the bedroom.

3. Don't Do It If You're Hoping To Turn The Friendship Into A Romantic Relationship

If you have strong feelings for your friend and hope that casual sex will satisfy those feelings, it's best to reconsider. I chose to sleep with my friend because I knew that I wanted our relationship to remain unchanged. If you're hoping that sex will make them realize that you're the love of their life, you may end up being disappointed.

4. Prepare For A Bit Of Awkwardness After

There was no awkwardness for me, but I understand that my situation is not typical. After sleeping with a friend, it's important to acknowledge that you've not only seen each other naked but also experienced each other's sounds and facial expressions during orgasm. It's normal to feel a bit embarrassed at first, but this will pass.

5. Make Sure You're Sober

It's important to avoid sleeping with a friend while under the influence of drugs or alcohol. Waking up the next morning and realizing that you slept with a friend but don't remember it, or that you wouldn't have done it if you were sober, can be a terrible feeling. If you're considering this, be sure to make the decision from a clear and sober state of mind.