I Slept With A Much Older Man And The Experience Made Me Feel Young And Amazing


I had always been intrigued by the idea of sleeping with an older man, and recently I had the opportunity to explore it. Although I have had many pleasurable sexual encounters, none have left me feeling as fulfilled and energized as spending a night with a man who was 15 years my senior.

1. The attraction was immediate

The moment our eyes met, a spark ignited between us and I felt an irresistible pull towards him. I had never experienced such an intense, primal connection with someone before. He exuded confidence, and I found myself admiring the way he interacted with others, his furrowed brow as he listened and the way he sipped his drink. In that moment, I longed to be the drink he held in his hand.

2. We weren't shy about letting each other know how we felt

I deliberately walked past him on my way to the bar or restroom, and each time his hand would brush against my waist in a silent greeting. We took every opportunity to touch each other, even though we were in a professional environment and had to interact with others. Despite this, there was an undeniable energy between us.

3. I was equally enthralled with his mind

Throughout the night, I listened intently to his conversations. He was well-educated and cultured, with a fondness for obscure novels and films - which made him all the more attractive to me as a bit of a nerd (my type completely). He was the polar opposite of the men my age that I was used to talking with. He had achieved so much, was highly successful, and still had even more goals to pursue. I was captivated by everything he said.

4. He was honest and upfront and made it clear that he wasn't expecting anything from me

When he finally made a move, it was like nothing I had ever experienced before. His kiss was all-consuming, and I responded with equal fervor. Within moments, I was on top of him, moving in sync. Then he suddenly stopped, gazed deeply into my eyes, and reassured me that we could stop if I wasn't comfortable. His unexpected consideration only fueled my desire for him even more.

5. He took his time

At first, our passion was urgent and intense. We kissed so deeply and forcefully that I feared I might be hurting him, pulling his face towards mine. But as we explored each other's bodies, he slowed down and began to appreciate me in a new way. It was the most fulfilling sexual experience I had ever had. I felt completely liberated and unashamed of my desires, and I was completely open with a partner I hardly knew.

6. my needs came first

He didn't just take things slow; he was also less focused on his own pleasure and took his time to make me feel sensations I had never experienced before. As a twenty-something, I was used to men who rushed through the finer details of sex to reach their own climax. But with him, it was different. He cherished me in every sense of the word, which made me feel safe and comfortable enough to express my desires and needs - something I had never been able to do before.

7. He made sure I was truly satisfied

After I had reached climax, he tried to make me experience it all over again. I was taken aback and almost burst out laughing. It was incredibly erotic, and it only heightened my desire to please him. But he barely gave me the opportunity to reciprocate.

8. It was intimate

In case it isn't clear yet, even though it was just a one-time encounter, he made it so tender and intimate that it felt like a reunion of old flames. He left me feeling fulfilled and revitalized, like a truly sexual being. He made me feel desired, beautiful, and sexy - all at once. Throughout and after our encounter, he whispered in my ear, telling me how alluring I was, how badly he had wanted me earlier that night, and how glad he was that we were together at that moment. It was incredibly arousing.

9. For once, I wanted more

We drifted off to sleep, entwined in a jumble of limbs. I couldn't bear to let him go. Needless to say, I left him the next morning craving more. He accompanied me to my car, and on the way, he stopped me in the middle of the street for a kiss. I refused to admit it, but he had a significant impact on me. Even without knowing him well, I believe he's a remarkable person, and I think his age and maturity contributed a lot to that. His experiences have made him an exceptional lover, and while I don't know how many of those exist, I urge you to explore and give it a chance.