I Should've Hugged You A Little Longer

I Should’ve Hugged You A Little Longer

The last time I saw you, I should have hugged you a little longer, but life is fast-paced and there is just never time. This should not be the thought that runs through your mind. You should not have to regret not having the time to tell someone that you loved them.

Yes, life is very busy for all of us, and we run around with our work and our kids. Perhaps late at night, we have a minute to spare for ourselves to just sit back and relax before the rat race starts again. It is, however, no excuse not to take time for the people that you care about.


It takes a few extra seconds to give a person a hug. It takes a few minutes of your time to tell your loved ones that you appreciate them. Remember, you will never know when it is the last time you will see them.

What Is In A Hug?

A hug is that short few seconds that you hold someone that you love or care about, to greet them or to say goodbye. You can hug a few seconds when someone is happy or sad. A hug can seem like a meaningless gesture, but there is more to a hug. A hug can be used in so many situations to express and share different feelings.


What Does A Hug Mean?

The one hug that you give today could be the hug that indicates to that person that you care about. That they are not alone and that everything will be alright. This hug could be the best thing that happened to that person today. So, why are you not giving that hug?

Go out today and give hugs to the people that you love. Tell them that you care and give them your time. Make sure that they know how much they mean to you. Make sure that you do not take them for granted.


Give hugs to your parents, sibling, kids, and grandparents. Hug your friends and loved ones, show them that you care and that you are there for them.

Do not let the thought bother you; I should have hugged you a little longer. There is no turning back; go today give your hugs. There is no right moment that you need to wait to tell people that you love them. The right moment is every day that you live.