I Should Have Hugged You Tighter

I Should Have Hugged You Tighter

Old souls love differently. And they miss differently. No matter how much they want to be closer, just like everyone else, their hearts never stop missing you.

Ask any Old Soul about love. They'll give you vague, philosophical answers, but that's not because they are wearing smarty pants. These beautiful people merely can't grasp that love isn't forever. So, if you ever hear from your ex, who is also an Old Soul, don't be surprised if you get some weird questions. They don't entirely miss you; they are grieving for the feeling that you once shared.

Old Souls Love To Date, But...

You didn't pick your place or date of birth. So, if you find yourself imagining that your dating life resembles a renaissance novel, maybe you're simply an Old Soul. Think about it: you don't like hookups, nor do you want to use dating apps. Your ideal date is not conventional, and it's rather old-fashioned.

Stuck between idealistic romances and fast, modern society, Old Souls don't have it easy when it comes to their love lives. Some settle and spend their lives daydreaming. Others, well, they are among you, still searching as true hopeless romantics.

Words Turn Them On

While most people are focused on what's outside, an Old Soul gets aroused by words, talking, sharing intimate details from life. You don't have to understand it, but it's a beautiful concept, and it goes beyond our superficial perceptions.

People get turned on by much weirder things than merely talking. And there are so many things about love we don't understand, so maybe you should try to be more open to creating unbreakable bonds. I am not judging anyone, but it seems to me that when you fall for someone's mind, that certainly has better chances of becoming a real love.

In love With Love

An Old Soul will love you unconditionally. These people feed on the feeling, like vampires on blood. It's fascinating, scary, and irresistible. And what's even more confusing to the outsiders is that they never entirely stop loving a person.

Old Souls know when to let go, but they are aware that you can love more than one person in your life. Not in terms of monogamy vs. polygamy, but strictly on an emotional level. They idealize their lovers and stay loyal to them, even after the breakups. When reality hits them, Old Souls pick up the unique pieces of their exes and choose to keep them.

An Old Soul And Their Alone Time

How is it possible that someone so crazy about love wants to be alone? Well, let's go back to living before phones and planes. When lovers stayed loyal to each other, and all they did was wait for the letters. Sounds romantic? If not, you don't know Old Souls.

Their alone time is a necessity. Old Souls need to recharge, but they also want to miss you. They want to be able to see you and hold you tight, kiss you like they never kissed anyone before. Old Souls are passionate, yet weirdly they find solitude in being on their own.

Though full of contradictions, Old Souls are loyal, kind, a bit strange yet appealing. They sort of shift from having childlike naivety to the wisdom of someone ancient. These individuals are often misunderstood, but just because they are different doesn't' mean you can't talk to them. Maybe they'll open your hearts and minds to some new, out of this world experiences. Or remind you of simple, more honest times.

An Old Soul won't just let you into their life. But once they do, their embraces and kisses are longer, and they will keep your secrets forever. They'll hold you tighter, knowing that every time they see you, it might be the last.