I Regularly Bathe & Shower With My Best Friends & It Improves Our Relationship

I was anxious when I moved into the dorms for college, but fortunately, I met three amazing friends. We often showered together and continued the habit of bathing together when we moved into a house with a bath.

Nudity Isn't Inherently Sexual

One of the most important things I learned from showering and bathing with my best friends is that it can bring people closer together. It may have been a bit awkward at first, as we were used to having privacy when it came to our bodies, but we quickly got over any initial discomfort. As body-positive feminists, we were able to embrace the experience and create a special, intimate space for ourselves. It became a regular part of our routine and helped to strengthen our bond as friends.


It Was A Simplistic Form Of Caring

During a particularly difficult year, my friends and I found comfort in bathing together, especially when one of us was feeling down. On one occasion, after a difficult mental health episode, two of my friends helped to bathe me, washing my hair and body as a way to show their love and support. It was a simple act that meant a lot to me at a time when I was emotionally and mentally drained. The experience of bathing together allowed us to show care and concern for each other in a way that was soothing and meaningful.


Sometimes It Was Just Practical

There were times when we needed to save time or share a bath bomb, so we would take a bath together. We also sometimes watched TV shows or went to the bathroom while the other was washing up. Sharing a bathroom without any inhibitions about being naked helped us to be more efficient and save water, and it allowed us to spend more quality time together without being constrained by societal norms regarding nudity.


It Helped Cultivate An Intimacy

It can be challenging to live with people who are not family, and my four years of college were full of difficult moments. However, by bathing together, my best friends and I formed a strong bond of intimacy that has contributed to our close relationship now. This shared experience helped us to become more loving and supportive of each other.

We Didn't Care That Others Found It Odd

We often received strange looks and comments when we mentioned that we were going to take a bath together, as there is a pervasive belief that nudity is automatically sexual. However, we were never bothered by this because we are proud of our queer identities and did not see any reason to be ashamed. Many people, especially girls, would often tell us that they wished they were as close with their friends or roommates as we were. Despite the societal pressure to view nudity as sexual, we were able to create a strong bond of friendship through our shared bath time.


It Felt Great!

It's always a treat to have someone wash your hair, scrub your back, or give you a foot massage, and it's especially nice when it's done by people you feel comfortable and relaxed around. Plus, it's always helpful to have someone lend a hand with tasks like shaving your legs when you're feeling too lazy to do it yourself. Overall, being pampered can be a great source of relaxation and enjoyment.


It Didn't Always Mean We'd Both Be Bathing At The Same Time

One of my roommates would sometimes sit by the bath and do art or play on her DS while I took a bath or washed my hair. When I finished, she would get in the tub or shower while I waited for her. There were also times when one of us needed to use the bathroom while the other was showering, which would turn into a long conversation about dinosaurs. Other times, we enjoyed quiet companionship while we bathed. Overall, bathing together provided an opportunity for us to relax and spend quality time together.


Sometimes It's Easier To Talk In The Bathroom

Showering or bathing with someone can create a sense of vulnerability, even if it is not a sexual activity. This made it a good place to have intimate conversations on a range of topics, from personal to philosophical. The act of washing oneself or someone else gave our hands something to do while we opened up and had deep conversations.


It Became Kind Of Like Date Night

Couples often set aside a specific day of the week for "date night" to help strengthen their bond and keep their connection alive. Similarly, showering and bathing together became our form of date night. It set aside time for us to be together, sometimes in pairs and sometimes all four of us. It was a sweet and intimate experience, and I have some great photos to remember those moments.


Living In The House Was Easier After We'd Seen Each Other Butt Naked

After showering together, any initial awkwardness or discomfort disappeared and we became much closer, forming a bond that went beyond just being roommates. Now that I have graduated and moved out, I will miss this aspect of living with my best friends.