I Never Thought I'd Be Saying This, But I Just Want A Nice, Boring Man

I Never Thought I’d Be Saying This, But I Just Want A Nice, Boring Man

Nice guys finish last — That's how millennials comfort nice guys. Most ladies, myself included, love the thrill of bad boys. Bad boys are unpredictable, and you have to keep up because they are serial players. After going through several heartbreaks and being wiser, I have just decided to settle down with an average boring man.

Tired of playing games

Have you ever been with a guy and you weren't sure if you were the only one sleeping with him? I have been in that situation several times. A cool guy will always have eyes for other ladies to boost his ego. After having to play the game of a private investigator constantly, I got tired. I want to settle with a loyal boring nice guy who I'll know is all mine.

I prefer security over excitement

I do not want to lose out in the long run and regret later in life that I rejected seriously nice guys, over bad boys who left me. The predictable life is boring and usual, but it will give me security, and I'll never worry about if a nice man will leave me.

Bad boys are selfish

Cool guys are full of themselves. Their egos are so high and they need to satisfy them. They seek a lot of compliments from other ladies. I do not need to deal with all that crap right now. The calm life that a nice man can provide is all that I want.

Boring guys are nice

Boring men are not chauvinistic. Their ego level is low, and they do not need to prove anything. They treat a lady well and are very courteous. I need to be in a relationship where a man treats me nice and like a queen because that's what I deserve.

No competition on who's cooler between us

Cool guys are cool because they are fashionable, handsome, witty, and have cool friends. Most times I would find that I'm not that cool while being with my ex. I have decided to be the star in a relationship now. Boring guys are just average in everything they do. What they wear is not trendy, and their friends are average as they are. There's no longer any competition or feeling bad around a boring man.

Cool guys have addictive personalities

The most fascinating guys I have interacted with are adrenaline junkies. They are obsessed with video games, extreme sports, do drugs, or drink. They are human beings who have to find something exciting or they will be bored quickly. If I do not fit in with their personality, they will move on to another. At this point, I just need someone who will Netflix And Chill with me.

I don't need anyone to entertain me

I am at a very comfortable phase in my life. I have great friends, I'm enjoying my hobbies and learning new things all the time. I do not need any man to add any excitement to my life. I want someone who is wiser than me and who is chilled out. Someone I can turn to and who will be there for me at the end of the day.

I'm sick of living in a fantasy- I just want to settle down with a decent guy

Expectations in a relationship always fall short of reality. The short-term excitement is not worth my time if it will end up in heartbreak. All I need is a nice guy who will build a strong relationship together and live happily ever after.