I Moved In With My Boyfriend After 3 Months And It Was The Best Decision

Usually, couples move in together after being in a long-term relationship and feeling prepared to advance to the next stage. Nonetheless, my boyfriend and I, who had only been dating for three months, disregarded conventional wisdom and embarked on an apartment hunt together. Although some people considered us foolish, it turned out to be the greatest decision we ever made.

1. It makes financial sense

Considering that we were already spending a significant amount of time at each other's apartments, it seemed illogical to keep paying for separate places when we knew we would eventually wind up together. The idea of paying only half the rent for a comparable amount of space was an obvious choice.

2. We got a way nicer place

Pooling our incomes to rent a studio apartment allowed us to secure a higher-quality living space compared to splitting our funds between two separate places. The concept of cohabitation arose while assisting each other in apartment hunting, stumbling upon a place we both adored, but which was financially unfeasible for us alone. Merging our financial resources expanded our options, resulting in the most luxurious apartment either of us had ever inhabited.

3. We don't have to deal with annoying Roommates or live with strangers who may or may not be that great

As everyone is aware, finding a compatible roommate can be a frustrating experience. But with just the two of us, we are free to use our living space without concern of disturbing anyone else. We don't have to argue over the TV or deal with unexpected, large gatherings for impromptu karaoke nights. It's certainly a relief.

4, We've learned how to problem-solve together

Collaborating to overcome challenges is a fundamental aspect of any relationship, and relocating to a new place inevitably presents unforeseen problems. From unreliable internet and enduring long waits on hold with service providers to unwelcomed pests, every apartment has its own share of complications. Addressing these challenges together has strengthened our bond and enlightened us on each other's problem-solving abilities.

5. It forces us to resolve any conflicts directly

Undoubtedly, no relationship is flawless, and disagreements are bound to arise at some point. Cohabitation has compelled us to confront any issues right away, instead of merely withdrawing to our respective living spaces. Because we cannot evade our problems, we must approach them with reason and discuss them openly, preventing unresolved tensions from festering beneath the surface.

6. We get to know and appreciate each other's quirks

I've noticed that the friends with whom I have the closest relationships are the ones with whom I have lived. The same applies to my significant other. Living together has enabled me to discover his preferred hand soap scent, his disliked vegetables, and his peculiar laundry-folding technique. It's thrilling to learn these small but significant details about him, which, by living together, have been revealed more swiftly.

7. We don't need to schedule time together

Given our hectic schedules, living together has eliminated the strain of having to plan and schedule specific times to spend together. It's still essential to prioritize quality time and avoid just briefly hanging out before bedtime, but by sharing a living space, it has become much simpler to synchronize our schedules.

8. No need to worry about sleeping over and forgetting something at home

Recall the time when you stayed at your boyfriend's place and showed up to work braless the next day? That's no longer an issue when you live together! Even if you have a bunch of items stored at his place, you may occasionally discover that you don't have the appropriate shoes to match the dress you left behind. Nowadays, I have access to my entire wardrobe, and it's fantastic. It may not appear to be a significant advantage, but it's certainly a perk for me.

9. We see each other at our worst and stick together through it

When I'm having a dreadful day, my go-to approach is to isolate myself from everyone and remain alone until it passes. However, living with my boyfriend has eliminated the option to retreat into my regular seclusion and wait until I'm in a better state to be around him. As a result, we've both seen each other on our worst days, and we're capable of supporting and loving each other through it all.

10. It's just straight-up fun

It may sound like a no-brainer, but we always have a great time together, and now we get to do it all the time. Every night feels like a sleepover, and I adore waking up and seeing him first thing in the morning.