I Mirrored His Awful Texting Style & This Happened…

It was frustrating to be with someone who consistently responded to my lengthy messages with just a single word. Eventually, I decided to see how he liked it by responding to his messages in the same way. However, the outcome was not what I had expected.

1. I Was Sick And Tired Of 'k.'

It was extremely frustrating to be in a relationship with someone who consistently responded to my lengthy messages with just a single letter or took an excessive amount of time to reply. It seemed like it took him an unreasonable amount of time to even type out "k" as a response, and it was not a sufficient or meaningful message.

2. It Was Infuriating

I was extremely angry and upset that all of the effort and thought I put into writing long messages seemed to be ignored. It felt like he wasn't even reading my messages and was just sending back a meaningless and incomplete response.

3. I Didn't Want To Confront Him So I Took A Different Approach

I realized that it would have been more effective to communicate directly with him about my concerns about his texting habits. However, I was uncertain if he would understand my perspective or simply dismiss my concerns with a one-word reply. As a result, I chose to experiment with responding to him in the same way that he was communicating with me. This ended up being a learning experience for both myself and my boyfriend.

4. I Felt So Rude

I began responding to his messages with "k" or taking an excessive amount of time to reply, just as he had done to me. It was challenging to maintain this behavior, as I felt rude and guilty for not being more responsive. I even had to go as far as hiding my phone to resist the temptation to send a more timely and thoughtful response.

5. I Didn't Like Being Lazy

I used to feel guilty for not putting more effort into my relationship and for not caring about my partner as much as I should have. But then I realized that my boyfriend didn't seem to care either. He was consistently thoughtless and inconsiderate towards me, and it seemed to be his normal behavior. It was hard for me to accept that he either didn't care about my feelings or was completely unaware of how his actions affected me.

6. It Felt Like More Than Just Texting

It wasn't just about our communication habits being mismatched. It was about us being fundamentally different people who were invested in the relationship to different degrees. I would always be open and honest with him about my feelings and thoughts, and I would always respond to him quickly. On the other hand, he was more reserved and didn't make much effort to connect with me. It felt like he wasn't interested in my feelings or whether he was causing me pain. It became clear that he didn't value or appreciate having me in his life.

7. He Didn't Like My New Texting Behavior

After two days of following my boyfriend's texting habits, he noticed that something seemed off and asked me if everything was okay. I told him that everything was fine, but I continued to keep my messages short and not as attentive as I usually was. I wanted him to see what it felt like to be on the receiving end of the type of treatment that I had been experiencing for months.

8. On Day Four, He Dumped Me!

He ended our relationship because he couldn't deal with my recent change in texting behavior, which he perceived as negative and disrespectful. He told me that I wasn't acting like myself and that I was treating him poorly through my texts. It was a shock to me because he never acknowledged the hurtful effects of his texting habits on me, but now he couldn't handle it when I returned the favor. It was especially painful that he chose to break up with me over a text message.

9. I Told Him What I Was Doing

I shared with him that his actions of sending hurtful text messages had caused me pain, and in an attempt to make him understand how it felt, I had acted similarly toward him. He believed that my behavior was deceitful and accused me of trying to manipulate him. Despite his lack of apology, I believe that he was aware of the hurt he had caused me. Ultimately, I didn't care that he was breaking up with me because it was for the best.

10. I Need Someone Who Shares My Texting Habits

I want to be with someone who communicates with me through text in a way that is meaningful and genuine. I desire a partner who actively tries to stay in touch with me through text, and demonstrates care and affection towards me through their words. I don't want to be with someone who I have to constantly plead with to engage with me or someone who is only going through the motions without truly investing in our relationship. The way he texted me made it clear to me that he wasn't interested in me.