I Might Be Wrong, But All I Want Is That Vintage Kind Of Love

There comes a time when I start wishing that I was born when dating wasn’t frustrating. When life was more straightforward than today’s, and people treasured love and their partners more than anything else they had.

But don’t take it the wrong way. There’s nothing wrong with the way we live. How we love is the problem. Although it’s said that everything has its good and bad side, I feel like my worst days are succeeding.

We live in a modern generation where phones and social media have become a significant part of our lives that you can’t even spend a few minutes without checking your smartphone or social media.

Do you ever imagine how life would be without smartphones? That you have much time to spend on the things and people who matter the most in your life? And without getting distracted by the chats on WhatsApp or Facebook?

In such a life, would dating become simpler? Would life become easier?

Probably you may argue that life is simpler today because everything you can imagine having is available to you. Maybe that’s why you don’t appreciate what you already own. For instance, if I need a date, all I need is to click on Snapchat or Tinder, and I could get more dates than I can handle.

But in the early days, people didn’t have such luxuries. To find a partner, you had to struggle with meeting different people and sometimes getting rejected multiple times. It could take a while to find the perfect partner, but it was worth it.

I desire a love that consumes all my thoughts and which makes me shiver when I think of it. An everlasting love such that even when my partner isn’t around me, I can feel it intensely in my heart.

I crave a love to remember. That love which doesn’t lessen but grows every day, for years. The kind of love that never fades no matter the time or the distance between us.

I want a partner who’ll appreciate me as I am. A person who will meet me halfway, in equal measure. A genuine unconditional love.

I desire a lover who treats me like a priority and respects me. A partner who showers me with unconditional love.

I want simple love. I don’t need spoiling, expensive gifts or extravagant gestures. I only need love, honesty, and someone who cares for me.

I crave a lover who prefers spending time with me instead of chatting on social media. A person who holds me and gives me his full attention whenever we’re together.

I desire a man who’s proud to be with me. A lover who cherishes me and holds my hand and shows me affection even when we’re walking on the streets.

I want a beautiful love that makes him write love letters and notes instead of texting or emailing. I desire the old-fashioned type of love.

I want real love that’s authentic and everlasting. Modern dating is making me sick. I only crave a beautiful vintage love.