I Might Be Strong And Independent But I Still Like To Be Taken Care Of

As a strong, independent and capable woman, I don't shy away from admitting that sometimes I crave the comforting feeling of being taken care of by someone special. It's not easy to find someone who can make me feel that level of comfort, but once I do, I cherish the opportunity to let myself be vulnerable and let my partner take charge, even if it's just for a little while.

1. It Takes Strength To Show My Vulnerability

Revealing my weaknesses and vulnerabilities to someone whose opinion I value deeply requires a great deal of courage. The mere thought of exposing those intimate aspects of myself can be daunting. However, when I do summon the bravery to do so, it provides me with a sense of reassurance that my significant other loves me unconditionally.


2. I Like Knowing I Can Rely On My Partner

Knowing that I can be emotional or vulnerable without fear of judgment and that he'll always be there for me is incredibly comforting. As a strong person, I often bear the weight of always having to be in control and not having the chance to let go when I need to. Having a partner who creates that safe space for me to do so only deepens my love for him.


3. It's Comforting To Know That Somebody Wants To Look After Me

I take pride in being there for others when they need someone to talk to or seek guidance from. It's fulfilling to know that people trust me enough to confide in me during their difficult times. When someone reciprocates and offers me the same support, I appreciate the commitment and patience required to take on that role. Knowing that there's someone out there who's willing to put themselves out there for me like that brings me comfort.


4. Even Strong People Need To Feel Supported

There have been instances when, despite my strength, all I've wanted is for someone to comfort me by putting their arm around me and assuring me that everything will be alright. The constant pressure of having to be stoic and unemotional can be exhausting, and occasionally I crave the support of someone else who can shoulder the burden for a while.


5. It Makes Me Feel Valuable

When a guy sets aside time to prioritize my needs, it demonstrates how much he values me. It may seem self-centered to think that in that moment, I am the center of his attention, and even if it's not entirely true, it's the feeling that counts. For those brief moments, it's all that matters.

6. It Makes Me Feel As Though We're Equals

If one person is always in control, and the other blindly follows, then the relationship is imbalanced. I desire to feel that I can experience both good and bad times as much as my partner does, without feeling like a burden. I am always there to support him during his challenging times, regardless of the path they take. However, I would like to be confident that he would do the same for me when I require it.


7. I Know He's In It For The Long Haul

If my partner can witness me at my most vulnerable, lowest, and emotionally unstable state and still stand by my side, reassuring me that he'll keep me safe as long as necessary, then I know he's committed for the long run. Anyone who's only interested in the superficial and glamorous aspects of the relationship would depart before the first tear falls.


8. I Like To Feel "Feminine"

In the past, it was commonly assumed that men would be the valiant knights in shining armor and women would be the helpless damsels in distress. Thankfully, those times are now behind us, which is generally a positive development. However, there are times when I long for the option to play that role, if I so choose.

9. I Get Tired Of Leading The Way

It's often assumed that individuals with strong personalities will naturally take charge in any type of relationship - whether it's professional, platonic, or romantic. However, the truth is that it can be draining. The constant responsibility of guiding and motivating others can be exhausting. There are times when I wish to take a break and allow someone else to take the lead.


10. I Like Knowing I Can Trust Him With My Other Self

It's comforting to feel that I can reveal my true self without fear of scaring off a potential partner or being taken advantage of when I need space. When I choose to share that vulnerable part of me with someone, it's important that they understand the trust and faith I am placing in them. These things are priceless and cannot be measured in value.