I Love You, But I'm Tired Of Giving So Much More Than I Get

It takes effort from both individuals to maintain a healthy relationship. Although I love you and don't want to end our relationship, I'm feeling overwhelmed and drained. I believe it's important for us to share the responsibility of making our relationship work. If you don't start contributing equally, I fear that our relationship won't survive.

1. You use my love to your advantage

It's unfortunate that I have to reiterate this, but I love you deeply. My feelings for you started from the moment I met you, and I knew I wanted to be with you. However, I can't help but feel that you're taking advantage of my love for you, despite being fully aware of my affection towards you. I believe that you should reciprocate my feelings, but it doesn't mean that you should exploit them.

2. You take me for granted

It seems like you're under the impression that my love for you is unconditional and that you can behave or speak as you please. However, I'm not naïve, and my feelings for you are not unlimited. The person you are now is different from the one I fell in love with three years ago. If things don't change, there will come a point where I'll have had enough and will choose to leave.

3. I always drop plans to hang out with you

I want you to know that I'm always available when you need me. You're my top priority, and I always prefer being with you. However, it's important to be mindful that my feelings could shift at any moment, so please be aware of that.

4. You always act like you're too busy to make time for me

I'm not sure if you're the busiest person on earth, or if my mind is playing tricks on me. It seems like you never have any free time anymore. You used to make time for me, but now you're always occupied. This isn't about us 'growing apart,' but rather about you being inconsiderate. Please stop this behavior before I remove you from my life.

5. When you're feeling down, I've got your back

I've consistently been a supportive presence in your life. I understand that everyone faces challenges, so when you're feeling down, I'm here for you. I'll lend an ear to listen and offer advice. All I request in return is a similar level of support.

6. You're never willing to help me through my problems

Do you have a fear of dealing with genuine emotions? Whenever I'm struggling with an issue, you disappear before I can even say a word. It's unfair that you're never there for me when I need you the most. When things become difficult, I feel even more isolated. I need someone who's there for me through both the good and bad times, and lately, you haven't been acting like that person.

7. You've changed

You haven't always been this irresponsible and lethargic. I'm well aware of that fact; otherwise, I wouldn't have been interested in you. I recall a time when you worked hard to be a supportive partner and make the right choices. It's unclear whether that behavior was fake or if you're gradually transforming into someone I don't wish to associate with. To be honest, I don't like either of those possibilities.

8. My love isn't unconditional

Who do you think you're deceiving here? I'm not the type of person who will allow myself to be treated this way. I have self-respect, and I won't tolerate your behavior much longer. It's true that I love you, but my love isn't unlimited, and it's wearing thin at this point.

9. I'm giving you a chance here

Relationships require effort, and when one person stops trying, they wither away and die a sad death. It's not my fault that this relationship is falling apart; it's yours. This is your opportunity to change. Please become the person I fell deeply in love with, or else I'll have to leave.

10.If this is who you are, then just leave

If the person I fell in love with is gone, please have the decency to inform me. I dislike this new version of you who only takes advantage of me. It's repulsive. If you genuinely want to have a one-sided relationship, go ahead, but you'll be in it alone.