I Love You, But I Love Myself Enough To Admit It's Time To Let Go Of You

I Love You, But I Love Myself Enough To Admit It’s Time To Let Go Of You

I am worn out

All I have been doing is wait and wait so that you can finally notice me. I was waiting patiently for you to realize that I was calling out to you. You promised I would have your undivided attention, but I was reduced to begging for the attention and you still did not give it to me. I've shed enough tears. Because of you, I cannot wait for a better tomorrow any longer.

This is it for me

After giving you all I had and letting you take possession of my heart because you said you would protect it, you played with it and broke it.

You were ruthless

My hopes in you turned out to be based on lies. You fed me one big lie after another, and I ate them all up because I trusted and loved you. Love blinded me to the horrible person hiding behind that smile of yours.

But now I see it – I fell in love with the person I thought you would be, not the person you actually were.

All the while, I hoped and prayed that you would change. But you were too blind to see the person who was willing to risk it all just to get your love and attention.

But that was just a dream. You did not even acknowledge me.

That is why I am letting go. I cannot hold on to you anymore.

Even though I never had a choice regarding the person I would fall for, I will be wiser and make better choices. I know I have to decide whether to put up with this toxicity or just walk away and start all over again.

I am sure I will make the choice to walk away and go back to the very beginning. I may have given up on you, but I have not given up on building the life I always had in mind.

I want the chance to love and be loved in the way I want. I want to be with someone who chooses me every day.

Although it hurts me to say goodbye to you, and it will probably be painful even after I leave, I know I will be better off.

I have to be strong, and I think I am. I'll get over you and move on. And for that, I believe I will be happier. After all, after the rain comes the sunshine.

Time will heal my wounds. And by the time that happens, I will be wise enough to avoid crappy people like you.

It's not that I hate you, I never could, I am actually happy you had me leave before you hurt me even more. Thank you for making me know that I deserved a lot more than you could ever offer.

I even feel sorry for you. You are the one who is broken, which is why you will never know what true love really feels like.

I know everyone comes into our lives for a purpose, and I understand yours. You taught me about love and self-worth the hard way.

Maybe there was a time I meant something to you, but maybe I am wrong.

But looking back, I have something to celebrate because I am losing someone who didn't love me. You are the one losing someone who loved you for real.

So, all in all, you have lost and I have gained.

For your own sake, I hope you will change so that you don't hurt anyone else as much as you have hurt me.

As for me, I will move on and face the bright and promising future that awaits me.

Although I love you, I also love myself well enough to know that I would rather let you go than put up with you anymore.