I Love Him: 20 Ways I Finally Found Out The Truth

I Love Him: 20 Ways I Finally Found Out The Truth

When the love bug bites, you might put up a fight not knowing you have already fallen head over heels for him: that's what happened before I had to admit I love him. Love is overwhelming, and it can feel unreal and seem like the perfect illusion.

And usually, it's human nature to doubt your feelings, which is why sometimes we need a little help knowing what's really going on in our hearts.


So, it's important to know if you love him or not. It sucks to discover that you were only infatuated with him and mistook the temporary obsession with real love.

When it's all said and done, we all want our love to be true, and we want it to last. I don't think I need to remind you of all those times you thought he was "the real deal" only to discover he was just another hookup.

Personally, this really bugged me, so you can imagine how relieved I was to learn that my love for him was real. After seeing these 20 signs, I could finally say I love him, and that felt good.


So, if you see these signs, then accept that you love him.

1. You Want Him To Meet Everyone You Know

Loving a man makes you very proud of him. And when you are proud, all you want is the people in your life to know of your accomplishment.

So, if you find yourself feeling so tempted to make sure your man meets all the people you care about, then it's very clear you love him.


This proves that you are confident that other people would love him as well. Besides, any healthy and growing relationship gets to a point where you want to meet each other's loved ones.

If you didn't really love him, you wouldn't want him anywhere close to your friends and family.

2. The Relationship Seems So Easy

Relationships take work, I don't deny that. But when you are in a healthy relationship, you hardly notice the effort.


That is what happens when you finally give your love to a man and he does the same for you.

The difference is not that a loving relationship is low-maintenance, it is just that you are so happy putting in the work that you hardly notice the effort. That is what makes being in a relationship with a man you love look and feel so easy.

3. You Always Talk Of The Future

By the time you like a man to the point where you can confidently say "I love him", you want him to be part of your future. That is why many of your conversations are about what you will do in the future.


While you can still talk about other things, you will find that you are constantly making plans for the future.

You don't do that unless you love him. That is why you start caring so much about his job, his earning potential, his health, and even his family and loved ones.

4. I Realized I Love Him When I Knew He Was My Strength

How do you feel around your man? If you feel stronger around him, like his power rubs off on you, then you can call that love.


If you feel unlimited around your man, like no challenge is too big for you, then you love him for sure. Loving makes you stronger, that's why.

And I don't mean feeling strong when he tries to encourage you when about to do something challenging. Just being around him makes you feel confident that you can achieve anything.

5. Once You Say "I Love Him" You'll Want Him To Be Happy

When the relationship is just starting, fairness is a huge priority. After all, you don't want someone taking you for a ride.


But once you start falling for him, priorities change. His happiness becomes very important, and you often find yourself making compromises for him.

Don't worry, when the man loves you as much, he will also bend over backward to make you happy.

6. You Are No Longer Easily Grossed Out

You might be the greatest germaphobe you know, but realize that this trait does not seem to get in the way when you see your man and have to plant a kiss on his sweaty face.


Even after he gets messed up and gross, you don't really mind giving him a hug or even a peck. It takes love to get past all that grossness.

Studies have shown that attraction and arousal suppress feelings of getting grossed out. So, the moment you realize that nothing about your man grosses you out, know that you are extremely attracted to him due to the overwhelming love you have for him.


7. I Realized I Love Him When I No Longer Cared About My Exes

Remember when your life would literally come to a screeching halt when your ex suddenly showed up out of nowhere? That stops when you find a man you love.

When your ex-partners show up, it does not bother you or make you think back on what could have been. You realize that you moved on and that their influence over your life was lost forever.


Your only interest will be the man you love, and that's a powerful sign that you are finally in love.

8. The World Seems Move Vivid

Love makes you notice things you would usually miss. The moment you say "I love him" you will find your world to be a little more colorful.

The sight of noisy kids playing fills your mind with bright and happy imaginations instead of irritating you as might have been the case in the past.


Generally, things that seemed to get to you and throw you off your game no longer ruin your mood as much. And that's because love makes you more positive.

9. Shared Emotions

It's simple: when he is happy, so are you. And when he is sad, you feel sad as well.

Nothing makes you share emotions more deeply than love does.

10. My Effortless Trust In Him Made Me Know I Love Him

Trust does not come as easily as people think. It takes quite some effort.


So, when you find yourself effortlessly trusting someone with things you would never trust anyone with, then understand there's love involved.

Love trusts easily. As they say, love is blind, which is why you so easily believe anything a guy says to you when you love him.

If it gets to the point where you can trust your entire life to him, then know that you love him for real. And if this love is reciprocated, then you should count yourself very lucky.


When mistakes don't seem to ruin the trust you have for each other, then the love you share is stronger than you know.

11. You Care Less About Their Past

When you first meet someone, their past really matters to you. But with time, you fall in love and the past becomes history.

All you care about is the future you could have together. And even if you learn something frightening about their past at this point, it does not bother you as much and you don't consider it a deal-breaker.


12. No Topic Is Off Limits

If you can't keep a single secret from your man, then it might be because you love him with everything you have. When you love a man, he simultaneously becomes your best friend.

So, you can't fight the temptation to tell him whatever is on your mind.


13. I Accepted I Love Him When Dates No Longer Needed To Be Fun

When we were just starting to date, I remember how much pressure we both had to make the dates fun and exciting. We depended on fun dates to keep the relationship going.

But when the attraction turned into real love, all that changed.


We could be sitting around doing nothing and still have as much fun as we have ever had on any fun date. Our fun together no longer depended on the settings, but on the deep love, we shared for each other.

14. Time Never Feels Wasted Around Him

Admit it, even when some people drop by for five minutes, you feel like you have wasted your entire day. But with a guy you love, you could skip work and spend the day watching television and still feel like you made the best use of your time.


Even when you pass up an important event for his sake, you never regret it because any time spent with him is always more precious.

15. Fear Of Getting Hurt Vanished, Because I Love Him

I remember when I first met him. I was often scared that I would end up heartbroken.

But as our relationship and our love grew, I realized that this feeling no longer bothered me.


And it was not that I didn't realize that any relationship can hit a rough patch, but because I was no longer afraid of getting hurt. And yet, I wanted him in my life more than ever.

This proved once and for all that the age-old saying was true: real love drives out fear.

When you love for real, it no longer feels like a gamble giving your love to someone. You don't fear that you would lose out if things don't go as you expected.


Instead, the love you feel is so real and powerful that you know nothing can make you regret it.

16. When You Love Him, You Are Always Talking About Him

Have your girlfriends been saying how much you like to talk about your man? If so, that's very telling.

You become the girl you hate, the girl who always talks about her man and you wonder if she does not have a life outside her relationship.


Without realizing it, you have become the girl who always tells her friends about the escapades you have had with your man.

It's not your fault. You can't keep him out of your mind or mouth because you love him.

17. You Love His Quirks

First of all, you don't notice someone's quirks until you really get to know them. And when you start to like these quirks, then that is complete proof that you have fallen for them.


Typically, people hate each other's quirks. But love makes you go in a different direction.

You even realize that you love him more because of his quirks, usually without minding if they are positive or negative.

18. A Lot Of Things In Your Life Remind You Of Him

When you are watching the TV, you think of him. When you are eating or going out to have fun, your mind goes back to him.


Loving makes you realize that he belongs in your life in every possible way. That is why you want him around at all times.

He stays on your mind round the clock, and nothing can take your mind off him.

19. You Are No Longer Afraid To Try New Things

Okay, you will also feel the urge to impress your new partner soon after meeting. But if this feeling never goes away, then that might be because of love.


Love changes you, and it makes you less guarded and eager to explore and live your life to the fullest. That is why a willingness to try new things is a very good sign that you have fallen for him.

The thrill simply never ends, and I say this from experience.

Studies also back up this fact. It was discovered that people in happy, loving relationships often have more varied interests than those in alternative relationships.


20. He Becomes Your Peace

I know you have always related loving with butterflies in your stomach. That's cute, but it's not what true love feels like.

When you love for real, you feel at peace around him. So, don't say "I love him" until he can give you peace.

I am not saying he will not excite you and make you feel like you are the most special woman in the world. But in most cases, he should make you calm.


He might be fun to be around, exciting, funny, or even a little boring at times. But deep down, you will feel a sense of calm and assurance because he is in your life.

That is what love feels like. After the initial infatuation where your heart races when you see him, things will settle down and he will be your peace.

At this point, a simple smile from him makes your world alright.


On some level, I believe you knew, but weren't sure how much you loved him. When I realized it was no longer just infatuation, these signs helped me discover the truth.