I Look Like A Teenage Boy And Other Confessions Of Being A Woman With Small Boobs

Most girls eagerly await the day when they will develop breasts and have cleavage to flaunt, but for some of us, that moment never arrives. Despite our best efforts, including padding our bras, investing in costly push-up bras, and even asking our doctors for hormonal treatments, we are unable to make them grow. Eventually, we come to terms with being a member of the "itty bitty titty committee," but there are still 15 common experiences that we can all relate to.


1. You're always waiting for them to grow

It is commonly believed that once you reach high school, you will start developing breasts. However, this is not always the case. Many people assume that once they get to university, their breasts will finally grow, but this is also not a guarantee. Some may even turn to birth control as a solution, only to find that it doesn't work. Late blooming or gaining weight are also commonly suggested as possible solutions, but unfortunately, they may not result in breast growth either.


2. Everyone thinks you're a lot younger than you are

While having a flat chest may make you appear more youthful, it can be frustrating when shopping for certain items. For example, you may want to purchase a strapless bra without being asked if it's for a prom dress, especially if you're approaching 30 years old.

3. Low-cut tops and strapless shirts don't exactly work

In an attempt to feel more attractive or to gain some advantage, you may have experimented with wearing low-cut shirts, hoping to seduce men, skip lines, or feel sexier on a bloated day. However, it can be disappointing to realize that these tactics are more effective with actual cleavage. Additionally, wearing a strapless shirt can be challenging since it often slips down before you even reach the door.


4. You hate taking off your shirt

I'm sorry to disappoint you, but if you were expecting to find boobs here, I'm afraid you won't.

5. Guys playing with your boobs does Nothing for you

It's puzzling why some guys think that tugging on breasts will make them grow. What exactly are they trying to grab? They might have better luck trying to grab your love handles. It's uncomfortable when someone pinches you, and if a guy keeps rubbing your nipples for too long, they may fall off. You may have already sacrificed having larger breasts, but at least you'd like to keep your nipples intact, right?


6. Sports bras make you look even flatter

Sports bras not only keep your breasts from moving during exercise, but they also give the appearance of removing them altogether. It's frustrating enough to go to the gym, and this doesn't make it any better.

7. The cup gap

If you're in between cup sizes or don't have a defined cup size, finding a bra that fits correctly can be a challenge. Almost every bra you own seems to have extra room for your breasts, and you're probably revealing more than you intended when leaning forward. But on the bright side, you can always use that extra space for storage and ditch the purse!


8. Lying down flat on your back is terrifying

Where did they disappear to? You were sure they were there just a moment ago.

9. Bikinis suck

While you may not have been blessed with ample breasts, you certainly lucked out in the booty department. When it comes to swimsuit shopping, you need the tiniest top possible to accommodate your chest, but a larger size for the bottom. Matching sets with the same size for both pieces just won't work for you, and you're always hoping you can mix and match to find the perfect fit.


10. dating a boob man is out of the question

I'm sorry to let you down, but there are no breasts to be found here, my dear.

11. You can't help but stare at other girls' boobs

It's hard to tell if it's jealousy or simply curiosity, but there's definitely a fascination with the unknown at play here.


12. You're trying to figure out how to reroute your weight gain

Despite trying everything from a diet high in deep-fried foods to loading up on carbs and protein, the only parts of your body that seem to be growing are your hips, buttocks, and belly.

13. You're afraid to work out your chest

You simply cannot afford to lose any fat that could potentially contribute to your current breast size.


14. You hate when your big-breasted say you're lucky

Lucky? What's lucky about having a flat chest like a little boy and a belly that protrudes more than your breasts? Oh, they must mean lucky that you don't have to wear a bra, but that's not entirely true since you still have nipples to contend with.

15. High school girls have bigger boobs than you

This is simply embarrassing. Do people even know what to do with such ample breasts these days? It makes you wonder what's in the water.