I Let My Boyfriend Wash My Hair And It Was The Most Sensual Thing I Have Ever Experienced

While I've taken numerous showers and baths with my boyfriend, I never considered asking him to wash my hair until recently. If you've never tried it, I suggest giving it a go.

1. He Was Actually Really Into The Idea

Playing with my hair gives me tingles, which is not usually a sexual thing but more of a relaxing, zen experience. In the past, I would joke around and ask my boyfriend to braid, comb or do something with my hair and he would give me a vague look of confusion. However, when I asked him to wash my hair on a whim while we were in the shower, he surprisingly enjoyed it as much as I did. It might be because it kept him occupied until the conditioner was ready to be rinsed out.


2. It's The Ultimate Act Of Foreplay

Despite all my experiences, I remain a hopeless romantic. I crave a love that is as close to the movies as possible, and nothing turns me on more than romantic gestures like candle-lit dinners and soft music. Surprisingly, having my boyfriend wash my hair turned out to be an unexpectedly sensual experience that left me wanting more. While shower sex may not always be the most graceful activity, the hair washing definitely added a touch of intimacy to the moment.


3. Using Exotic Essential Oils Definitely Helped The Experience

To create a more sensual experience, I opted for luxury products on our little adventure, using my high-end shampoo and conditioner that I usually reserve for special occasions. The exotic blend of essential oils in these products is incredibly sexy, and I can't get enough of their scent. Using these products during our couples hair washing session added a romantic and evocative dimension to the experience.


4. He Loved It As Much As I Did

As my partner massaged the lather into my hair, I allowed myself to relax and indulge in the experience. The warm water cascading down my back, the alluring aroma of the essential oils, and the sensation of his hands working their magic were enough to send me into pure bliss. Opening my eyes, I saw that he had been watching my face the entire time, clearly enjoying how much pleasure he was bringing me.


5. It Helped Refresh Our Bond And Make It Even Stronger

Finding time to connect with your partner can be challenging amidst the demands of everyday life. Quick morning rendezvous don't quite cut it for me, but incorporating bonding time into my daily routine by washing our hair together is an easy way for us to feel closer.

6. We Had A Good Laugh Too

Laughing with your boyfriend is always a good time. It's not just sensual; it can also be hilarious when he has no idea what he's doing. I remember one time he poured half a bottle of shampoo into his hands when my hair was barely wet. He wanted to use enough shampoo for seven people on my pixie cut, which had me laughing uncontrollably. It also explained why he goes through more shampoo than me, despite only washing his hair once a month!


7. It Was Less Back-breaking For Me

A few months back, my hair was very long, reaching my elbows. However, now it sits above my shoulders after getting a haircut. In the past, I used to dread the effort required to wash my hair, often needing to gear myself up before doing so. Looking back, I wish I had known the pleasure of having my boyfriend wash my hair during those times when it was long and challenging to manage.


8. Towel Drying Was Also Amazing

My boyfriend hasn't done the full salon experience, including blow-drying and styling, but he did towel-dry my hair gently after washing it. It was a perfect addition to the experience and felt just as sensual, putting me in the right mood to head to the bedroom.

9. If Showering Together Isn't Your Thing, A Scalp Massage Would Work

If taking a shower together isn't your thing, consider incorporating this erotic hair-washing technique into a simple scalp massage. Couples' massages are an excellent way to explore each other's bodies and learn what feels good. Next time, try swapping a body massage for a scalp massage to mix things up and experience something new.