I Left My Wife And Family And Started A Life With Another Woman

I Left My Wife And Family And Started A Life With Another Woman

In the first five years of our marriage, I was always a happy man. The day we walked down the aisle remains the best day of my life, but our marriage didn't go beyond the seventh year, to many people's surprise. I left and settled with another woman with whom I felt more comfortable being myself.

I'm sure you have heard that men are polygamous by nature. This is usually the mentality that society has toward men. I have no room to dispute that, but let it not blind us. Instead, let us always be considerate and give men room to express themselves. Are you still judging me?

I was brought up in a good family. One where you were at liberty to express your ideas. As a result, I grew up as an open-minded person who believes in mingling and socializing. For me, spending a whole day laughing with female workmates is a non-issue. Owing to my character, getting a wife, who is now my ex-wife, was not a hard task. Little did I know that the same character that attracted my wife would contribute to our separation.

Jealousy in marriages is quite common, but up to date, I still believe that my wife blew things out of proportion. The same tactic that I used to get her attention was now being used against me. She started suspecting me on everything.

Somebody who was talkative, open-minded, and social to everyone became a lonely person. I would no longer hang out with my female counterparts due to fear of what my wife may think. These were the hardest days of my life. I won't even lie.

As days passed by, I slowly turned from a loving husband to a sort of usual suspect in police remand. I no longer enjoyed peace at home. Many nights I spent answering questions on who I spent my day with and why. My mobile phone was no longer private. Instead, I was expected to explain everything in it, from the call logs to the contact lists whenever called upon.

At work, I had a female colleague who seemed so concerned about me. She was always there for me at the right time. With time, I learned to trust her with everything. I would gladly open up to her, and she would console me. She was also open-minded like me.

To my surprise, I found more solace in her presence. I would enjoy every bit of the time we spent together. Slowly, I fall in love with this lady, and the rest is history. I am not portraying my ex-wife as the worst woman ever, neither am I justifying my action of separating from her. Deep down in my heart, I know what made me walk away.

Men may be polygamous by nature, yes, but don't be so quick to judge. Before you judge me, just walk a mile in my shoes. You may be in for a surprise!