I Know You Are In Heaven Grandpa, But I Miss You Every Single Day

I Know You Are In Heaven Grandpa, But I Miss You Every Single Day

My Dear Gramps,

I miss you so much. It hasn't been the same without you. The long tedious months that have dragged by after your departure have been hell.

It was like I would wake up each day to relive the terrible nightmare of losing you forever.

Although I have been through a lot of hard things in this life, losing you is beyond anything I have ever experienced. I cannot put all my anguish into words, which is probably why there are tears welling up in my eyes right now.


It's Like Everything Has Changed Since You Left

I have a feeling that I am missing something. Our family feels incomplete without you around. And after all the days that have gone by with these feelings still in my heart, I am not sure things will ever go back to the way they were.

You Will Never Be Forgotten

I often remember all the fun and memorable times we had together. The experiences are still raw in my heart.


Today, I realize how much of yourself you gave to me. You were always thinking of fun ways we could spend time together by telling great hilarious jokes and the most beautiful stories.

But you were always so much fun around anyone. Lots of people still remember and miss you.

When you left, it was a total shock to me. I never imagined there would come a time when someone as precious as you would be out of my life.


I know how naïve that sounds, but that's the truth in my heart.

And then, with little warning, you were gone for good. Just in an instant, my world changed. I am still coming to terms with the reality that I will never meet you again in this life.

My Life Has Changed In Many Ways

The laughter is gone. I understand how advanced you were in years, but losing you at such a young age really did a number on me.


The problem was that I was old enough to remember you so well. I remember how you smelled.

I still remember your funny quirks and your favorite stories.

Through you, I was getting to learn more about myself. And then you were no more, and for now, I don't even know who I am supposed to be.

I long for your phone calls, and I always imagined you would be there in all my happiest moments in life such as when I would graduate or marry the love of my life.


When I think of these occasions in my life, I can imagine you sitting there, cheering and wearing a beautiful and proud smile now that your granddaughter has made it through another important stage of life.

I wish you were here to hear what we usually say about you! Trust me, you would be so proud.

Everyone Misses You So Much

And they are so proud of everything you did. We try to imitate your voice, and we often laugh and then fall silent at the memory that you are no longer among us.


If only heaven allowed us to visit from time to time, I would be there with you all the time.

But now, all I have is this gaping hole you put through my heart when you left. That emptiness is filled with pain and despair, mixed with all the love I had for you. I don't know how I will live without you.

So, until we meet again, know that I loved you and still do. More than ever.

Till we meet again gramps,


Your granddaughter.