I Know Why We Had To Stop Talking But I Still Miss You

I Know Why We Had To Stop Talking But I Still Miss You

You and I had a whirlwind relationship.

We met and fell in love almost immediately and had so much to talk about. We had an immediate and palpable chemistry. We knew how to have fun and really cared about each other.

Over the years many things happened, good and bad, we did and said unforgivable things to each other but we were always there for each other. A few times we almost broke up for good, but we got back together.

I guess I thought we would always be in each other's lives but it was not to be.

At first, I thought we could be friends but jealous boyfriends and girlfriends made that impossible. We talked on and off over the years and toyed with the idea of starting things over or seeing each other again. We knew it was not to be. Our time had passed. The reasons it ended were still there. Not to be denied.

I will always miss our time together.

I will always think of fun times. The fights and heartache we shared fade away. Only good memories remain. Perhaps that's how it was always meant to be. You were a part of my journey and learning about myself. I now know what I want in a relationship and what I don't want. You will always be a lesson and a memory in my heart and in my mind. We cannot live in the past, we must go forward.

I believe every person you meet is there for a reason to learn a lesson and they shape who you will become in the future. I thank you for loving me no matter what and for never giving up on me and showing me I'm worthy of being loved and that I can show love.

There were many things I didn't like about you but there were many things I love and miss about you. That will never change. A part of you will always be with me. Also, the memories we shared and the good times we had will always be there in my mind.

Even if we never speak again I will still think about you and miss you always. I hope you can go on and live a life of meaning and that you will find someone to appreciate you the way you are. There are many good things about you and you have a lot of potential.

Part of the reason I grew so frustrated with you is you did not live up to it. Maybe one day you will love yourself as much as I loved you and I pray you will always think of me and miss me the way I miss you. Sometimes people can live in your heart but cannot be in your life. That is just the way it is.

No matter where I go or what I do I will always think about you and miss you forever and always.