I Know It's Terrifying, But Just Take The Jump

I Know It’s Terrifying, But Just Take The Jump

This should come as no surprise to any of us. In each of our minds is a long list of unfulfilled wishes. At any given time, you wish you could accomplish a bunch of things to become a more awesome version of yourself.

We have dreams. We have desires. We have hopes.

There is a job you have always dreamed about. You have always wanted to travel. You desire a better circle of friends. You wish you had more to offer to your community, but where do you get the time?

The list goes on and on, but I'm sure you get my point.

The point is, you have a long wish list. So, when I said take the jump, I wasn't talking about making a drastic life-changing decision that might turn your life upside down.

I wasn't saying you quit your job, sell everything you have to fulfill your dream of traveling the world.

Even the small dreams that matter requires you to decide to take a big step of faith. From there, who knows? You might have the courage and the ability to make bigger changes that might change your life forever.

The only thing that stands in our way is fear. Fear magnifies your challenges and muffles your strengths.

That is why we need faith. You trust that the decision you are making, however ballsy it might seem, will pay off.

Facing the unknown is never easy. But you have to if you want to live the life you desire. You have to believe that you are capable of more than your current abilities to make a leap of faith.

So, allow me to tell you today that you can achieve that dream you have always wanted to fulfill.

It might take a while. It might take a few baby steps in the very beginning. But believe me, it can be done.

I also want you to understand that you deserve nothing less.

Your hopes and dreams exist because it's within your power to make them real.

Sure, you will face lots of negative emotions and thoughts along the way. People you counted on might even try to discourage you. But all it takes is your fortitude and unwavering faith that the impossible can be made possible.

The other thing getting in your way is finding contentment in the comfort you already have.

But know that your big dreams exist beyond your comfort zone. You will have to do things you don't like to do and put faith in things you have no assurance will pan out to get there.

Understand one thing. The brain has an obsessive desire to control everything. That is why bold steps feel like craziness because you cannot wrap your head around them.

But once you achieve greatness, you will know with certainty that you should never settle for anything less.

Life is full of beautiful dreams waiting to be turned into reality. They already exist in your heart and mind, and all it takes is the decision to take the first step. It does not have to be a big step, but the first step makes all the difference.

Your life has a purpose. Right from the day you entered this world, you had a unique purpose. There are things that will be achieved because you came into the world. You and nobody else can make these dreams a reality.

So, take the jump and do yourself and the world a favor. Don't fear or hesitate. Believe me. It is within you to achieve every dream you have ever conceived. But only if you give it a shot.

Once again, I tell you, take the jump. And when you do, give it everything you've got. Learn as you go along. Hold on to your vision and keep pushing forward. Live, for heaven's sake. And fulfill your great and beautiful purpose in this world!