I Know It's Cliche, But I Gave Up On Finding Love… And Then Somehow Found It

During my single days, I found it extremely irritating to hear the overused love cliche, "You'll find love when you least expect it!" Whenever someone said that to me, I would simply roll my eyes and take another sip of my wine. However, as soon as I made the decision to take a break from dating altogether and focused on myself, my perfect partner walked into my life. It's ironic, but I believe that's precisely why the saying may hold some truth.

1. I Stopped Obsessing About Dating, Guys, And Love In General

I had reached a stage of utter apathy towards the idea of finding a life partner. I came to terms with the possibility of being one of those women who would dominate their lives in other ways and the thought of love not being a part of my future. I began to derive satisfaction from other aspects of my life and ceased worrying about meeting someone special... and yet, that's precisely when I did.

2. I Wasn't Truly Taking A Break In The Past

Although I had taken breaks from dating in the past, I now realize that I wasn't doing it in the right manner. My mind was not entirely committed to the break. Even when I disabled my dating apps, I remained vigilant and kept the possibility of meeting someone in my daily routine. Although I had stopped actively dating, the idea of it still lingered at the back of my mind.

3. I Grew As A Person

I experienced a significant change when I reached the point of not caring about finding love. It felt like my heart and mind had reached a breaking point, and I was ready to move on. However, instead of dwelling on the idea of finding love, I directed my energy towards strengthening my relationship with myself. This, in turn, allowed me to become a more complete and improved version of myself.

4. I Was Caught Completely Off Guard So I Was Totally Myself

As I genuinely didn't care about finding love, I didn't experience the usual anxiety that came with starting a new dating experience when my now-boyfriend asked me out. In fact, I even informed him that I wasn't interested in a relationship and that we could go out as friends only. However, it's evident that things did not go according to plan since our connection blossomed into something much deeper.

5. I Didn't Have Any Expectations And It Made Things Easier

There's a certain joy in meeting someone new with no expectations. I didn't consider it a date and didn't indulge in daydreams of a possible future with him as my husband. I didn't spend hours picking the perfect outfit from my closet either. Instead, I was my authentic self and didn't worry about impressing him or seeking his approval. It was an exhilarating feeling, to say the least.

6. I Was Okay With Being Disappointed For A Change

Before pursuing a relationship with him, I made a conscious decision not to get my hopes up. This allowed me to feel like I was in control of my emotions, and I could decide what would and wouldn't affect me. When I made the decision to take a break from dating, I had promised myself that I wouldn't allow another unpleasant experience to hurt me. Fortunately, things worked out with him, and I didn't have to face any more disappointments.

7. I Wasn't Desperate For Love

For the first time in a while, I wasn't desperate to have a guy in my life. Despite being surrounded by happy couples and single friends who jumped from one boyfriend to another, I didn't feel the pressure to define myself by having someone by my side. Maybe the reason why I eventually found love was that I had accepted the fact that it hadn't happened for me yet. I was no longer dwelling on the negative and had come to terms with my past disappointments.

8. I Was Done With Playing The Nonsense Dating Games

I had lost count of how many times my girlfriends had advised me on what to do or not do when it came to texting a guy I was interested in. It was tiring and frustrating to navigate the dating game, and I was exhausted from it all. All I wanted was to take a break from dating and spend time alone on my couch, wrapped up in a cozy blanket nest. I didn't want to waste any more of my energy on the nonsense of dating culture, at least not for a while.

9. I Finally Felt Completely Okay And Happy By Myself

The main reason why love happened to me when I least expected it was because I had finally reached a level of contentment and fulfillment in my own life. Instead of dwelling on past failed relationships, I focused on my personal growth and accomplishments, regardless of whether I had a partner or not. And then, unexpectedly, he came into my life. I used to think those dating cliches were nonsense, but now I see that there may be some truth to them after all.